Movie Quotes from Cops and Robbersons: Quotes from the movie Cops and Robbersons

–You arrested a waiter?
–Jake, he was rude.
–Norman, you can’t arrest people for being rude. If you could, all of New York City would be on death row.

Breakfast, everyone.

Do you know what smoking does to you? It stunts your growth, it yellows your teeth, and blackens your lungs. Is that what you want?
To be a yellow-toothed midget with lung cancer?

Don’t touch me.

For Kojak, there is no off-season.

He’s an idiot.

Helen, they’re cops. All they eat are donuts.

I love being a homemaker.

i love scotch, scotchy scotch scotch, down it goes, down into my belly, mmm mmm mm

mmm! blood and brains! can i have some?

Pretty smooth.

That went pretty well.

That’ll warm you up.

What is that idiot doing?

Yes my father.

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