Movie Quotes from Cooler, The: Quotes from the movie Cooler, The

…so he got me a gig in telemarketing. We were scamming pensioners out of their retirement money.

Anytime I get an urge to play off the clock or so much as drop a quarter in a slot, I just reach down and feel what’s left of my cartilage. It’s an excellent reminder.

Better luck next time.

I thought that shit only happens in the movies.

I’ve got you covered in this town. People know you work for me. That’s currency in your pocket.

It’s been like an AA convention around here.

It’s music to be sure. It’s pleasant, not intrusive, but recorded at a subsonic level is a matra…’Lose…lose…lose.’

Look in my eyes. I am the only mirror you’re ever gonna need.

My old man, is he renting your ass?

Nostalgia is great and we love nostalgia, but nostalgia belongs in a museum.

The nature has got some sense of humor, huh?

There are ways, subtle ways, that we can keep the odds in our favor.
I’m talking about more forward-thinking methods.

This is where old time and real money come to play.

What? You mean that Disneyland mookfest out there? Huh? Come on, you know what that is? Huh? That’s a fucking violation is what that is. Something that used to be beautiful, used to have class, like a gorgeous high-priced hooker with an exclusive clientele. Then along came that Steve Wynn cocksucker and knocks her up and put her in a fucking family way. Now she’s nothing but a cheap, fat whore hiding behind too much fucking make-up. I look at her and see all her fucking stretch marks. It makes me want to cry because I remember the way she used to be.

Where are you gonna go, Bernie?

Where’s Bernie? They’re killing us. We need him here right away.

Yeah, I love the schmuck.

You mean that Disneyland mookfest out there? Huh?

You turn winners into losers.

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