Movie Quotes from Confidence: Quotes from the movie Confidence

–I’ll go lite. I’m going to get the chicken-rib combo.
–That’s lite?
–Yeah, I’m not getting the cold slaw.

Can we all stop being so god damn fucking polite?

Dame Fucking Luck

Doesnt matter what the con is. Insider trading, a line we got at a bookie’s club, insurance scam, whatever. Youve seen the money and you want it, more of it. So who cares if you have to bend the rules as long as nobody get hurts. But then somebody does.

Don’t wear white after Labor Day.

how bout you get the a.d.d. under control you look at me when iam talking to you

I’m in.

I’m not a violent man. I like to think I’m above that.

If you own a rug, you own too much.

Make a wish. Eleven-eleven. Make a wish.

Our new mark…Morgan Price.

Sometimes, style can get you killed.

Take a deep breath, count to 10 and go fuck yourself

We’re getting too old to run, Miles.

Yes, we’re set.

You do not want to scare me, Junior.

You fucked up. You fucked up big.

You want to talk about bad luck…Redheads.

You’re a good grifter, man. It’s hard to tell when you’re lying.

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