Movie Quotes from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen: Quotes from the movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

-Not a quote just wanted to say that last one was from mean girls, get your movies straight

don’t move on

Ella: You can’t – do this, Lola, everyone is depending on you, whaddabout, your parents and Sam, Sam has never been to a school function in his life, he’s only going because of you! And what about me? I was miserable until you came to Dellwood. I thought everyone’s life was like mine, just doing everything you’re supposed to do when you’re supposed to do it, never questioning anything. Ugh, the only thing I could expect when I grew up was a life like my parents’ and then… I met you. You gave me courage, Lola. Because of you I’m brave enough to be different. Don’t touch me! You’re a sham! The one thing Carla can’t do anything about is you being Eliza Doolittle, and you’re just gonna hand it to her.

ella: you told me your father died in a motorcycle accident.
lola: so i exaggerated a little.
ella: a little? exaggerating a little is saying your a little taller, saying your father is dead when hes not is lying beyond comprehension!

ella: your belief system amazing me

I want onion rings!!

lola i like that name

lola: i just wanted to be more interesting.
ella: more interesting? we’re a thousand miles from home in a new york police station with a drunken rock star waiting for your dead father to show up, and you want to be more interesting? more interesting than what?

Lola: I like your… boots.

Lola: Life can be so randomly beautiful.

Shut Up!….I didn’t say anything

Stu Wolf : I dont want coffee i want a deluxe hamburger platza with onion rings
Lola ; Just give him coffe i dont think he can handle a meal right now
Stu Wolf : I want onion rings
Stu Wolf : do u think i have any real friends
Stu wolf : do you know who i am i dont even no who i am

We’ve all hand enough Lola

Have you had enough Lola… have you finally had enough?

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