Movie Quotes from Cocktail: Quotes from the movie Cocktail

–A diamond in the rough. The dreamer who can’t take the criticism. –Not from a guy who hides here because he can’t hack it in the real world.

1) Are you going to provide the stale stench of beer and the local drunk, too? 2)I don’t know, are you looking for another job?

1. You are in training my son.
2. In training for what?
1. For stardom. No matter how liberal this world may become, a man will always be judged on the amount of alcohol he can consume, and women will be impressed with it, whether they like it or not!

1: So i’m supposed to sleep with the same man day in and day out for the rest of my life 2: Yes, it’s called marriage

Addicted To Love.

Ahhh, the oooooold philosopher.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh..the old Foolosopher.

Bar is open!

Bartender… you know how to make a RedEye?

Beer is for breakfast — drink or be gone!

Beer is for breakfast young Flannigan, drink or be gone.

Beer is for breakfast, drink or be gone!

Believe me, Bonnie. You are gonna wake up tomorrow morning with a sigh of relief because I’m not there.

Bet you can’t spook me again.

Brian Flanagan- I see America drinking the fabulous cocktails I make. Americans getting stinky on something I stir or shake. The sex on the beach, the schnapps made from peach, the velvet hammer, the Alabama slammer. I make things with juice and froth–the pink squirell, the three-toed sloth. I make drinks so sweet and snazzi–the iced tea, the kamakazi. The org@sm..the death spasm..the Singapore sling..the ding-aling. America, you’re just devoted to every flavor I’ve got, but if you wanna get loaded, why don’t you just order a shot..Bar’s open.

Brian- Days get shorter and shoter..nights longer and longer. Before you know it, your life’s just one long night with a few comotose daylight hours.

Brian- Louie Trez zev vwa la..should we let it breathe?.. Doug- It hasn’t breathed in 50 years, its dead..lets just drink it.

Bury the dead…They stink up the joint

Champagne – perfume going in, sewage coming out.

Cocktails and Dreams….I see it in pink neon. Blink, blink, pinkety blink.

Coglan’s Law: Anything else is always something better.

Coglan’s Law: Never show surprise, never lose your cool.

Coglans law:Bury the dead, they stink up the joint!

Days get shorter and shorter. Nights longer and longer. Before you know it, your life is just one long night with a few comatosed daylight hours.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Doug- The luck is gone..the bran is shot, but the liquor we still got.

Doug: I thought Coral was an inanimate object
Brian: trust me there’s nothing inanimate about Coral.

Doug: Proctologist’s Dream – wall to wall ar**holes!

Everything always ends badly or else it wouldn’t end at all …

everything ends badly, otherwise it wouldn’t end.

Everything ends badly, otherwise, it would never end.

Excuse me, do I have ‘Fuck Me’ written across my forehead?

Fuck off Henry!

Get Rid of the Dead, They Only Stink Up The Place…

How come women are always named after inanimate objects?

I am the world’s first yuppie poet!

I am the world’s last barman poet! I see America drinking the fabulous cocktails I make. America is getting stinking on something I stir or shake. The Sex On The Beach…the Schnapps made from peach! The Velvet Hammer…the Alabama Slammer! I make stuff with juice and froth, the Pink Squirrel…the 3 Toad Sloth. I make drinks so sweet and snazzy, the Iced Tea…the Kamakazi! The Orgasm…the Death Spasm. The Singapore Sling…the Ding a Ling. America your just devoted to every flavor I got, but if you want to get loaded…why don’t you just order a shot!

i am the worlds last barman poet

I can’t make it with my best friend’s old lady.

i have got serious fuck me eyes coming over here

I see America drinking

id ike to try the orgasm please
how many would you like
umm multiple
well then why dont we start with a turquoise blue

If Jordan gives birth to a fine Irish son / There will be Cocktails and Dreams for him one day to run / A business that will yield the financial windfall / To be franchised in every suburban shopping mall. / If a daughter arrives to bless our clan / I guess the shit will certainly hit the fan / But this I shall promise thee / I’ll never let her marry a guy like me. / Still if our child is the naughtiest of girls or the wildest of young men / I swear I’ll be the best dad I can / And never ever get spooked again.

im spooked

Is it mine? I was only asking.

is this one night stand time?

Is this our waterfall?

It didn’t have to be this way

Jason Visciano- This remark is towards the people who score the quotes on this site- You guys are horrible and you have no idea what you are doing. Thank You.

Kinda makes ya curious, don’t it?

Little Darlings come in, hearts pitter pattering for the handsome, all knowing bartending. And In their wake, a parade of slobbering geeks with one hand on their crotch and the other on their wallets. Buttons were popping, skirts were rising. When you can see the color of their panties then you KNOW you’ve got talent. And boy oh boy have you got it. Stick with me son and I’ll make you a star.

Oh Yes, happy hour. The great American invention for spending quality time with spouse souced.

Oh,sorry I called you a bitch.
Oh,that’s alright I am a bitch.

Run for the shelter of your love…

Since When.

Sorry, I called you a Bitch.
That’s alright I am a Bitch.

The luck is gone, the brain is shot, but the liquor we still got.

The man’s on a roll ladies and gentleman

The money’s gone, the brain is shot. But the liquor, we still got.

The name’s Mooney not Monet.

the names murphey not monae

This Magic Moment.

This place is a proctologist’s dream. Wall to wall assholes.

Tutti Fruiti.

Wait unitl you’ve given her crabs, then you will truely know hate

Well, it wouldn’t be any fun if they fell over with their legs up in the air.

Whoo! That’s 50 bucks you owe me.

Woman:I had a premoniton that I was gonna meet someone when I came down here. Man: You still got time, you know

Workers never hustle, and hustlers never work. You, my friend, are a worker.

Wouldn’t be any fun if they just fell on the ground with their legs in the air, now would it?

You bitch! Why didn’t you just say a rum and Coke?!

You know you limo drivers are all alike! You stand around all day with your finger up ass….

Your sexy little smile isn’t going to work this time.

Your sexy smile isn’t working this time.

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