Movie Quotes from Christmas with the Kranks: Quotes from the movie Christmas with the Kranks

(Last lines)

Luther: Skipping Christmas, what a stupid idea!

Nora: Maybe next year

1) Any messages?

2) Yeah, Santa called and told me I’d have to buy my own cheap perfume this year because you’re skipping Christmas.

1) I can’t belive I went along with this stupid idea. 2) Stupid idea!? Yesterday you said I was a genius 3) Yeah, well now you’re stupid.

1) I’m bringing home Enrique! 2) What’s a reekay?

1) You’re going to let $500 come between us and a cruise? 2)No. You are.

Skipping Christmas? It really was a dumb idea. Well…maybe next year.

Spike: Are you sure this isn’t illegal?

Luther: Are you a cop?!

Strange as it might seem it, never occured to me to ask the butcher if he had any chocolate

You’re skipping Christmas? Isn’t that against the law?

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