Movie Quotes from cheats: Quotes from the movie cheats

(At Graduation): Cheater… Cheated on the mid-term.

– How does $47.00 sound?
– I was thinking more along the lines of 250
– You are so greedy!
– It is what it is…


east lincoln high school is so gay

Handsom: Bullshit is in the details.

Handsome: wow thats a work of art. That belongs in a museum.
Victor: I hate museums.

He was ambushed by his own fake brother!

I kick all ass!

I’ll take it right now.

Janitor: Jimmy Carter!
Boy: Um… No Thankyou

Johnathan Jacob Applebee, Nesley’s Crunch, That’s all I’m sayin.

like i always said you cant trust a fake brother

Lucky…that’s Julie talk!

marty: everyday someone make a puke in myyy school

marty: trashbag, trashbag, trashbag, trashbag, trashbag..

Marty: wait.. whats your name?
handsome: My name?
marty: yes
handsome: my name is Jimmy Carter
marty: ahh JImmy Carta.. and your name?
sam:Teddy Rosevelt
victor: Franklin delanore rosevelt.. theres ah.. no relation there..
napplebee: Dude.. were screwed.. they acctually were related
victor:idiot! he doesnt know that
napplebee: RASCIST
marty: SHUT UP! What.. YOURE name?
napplebee: NNNNaplebee

Marty:What are you all doing in here?
Marty:(hears noise) (looks up)(grabs ladder)(looks in ceiling)
what?! (looks down) There is boy in celing!
Marty: I…I dont understand….He….He take sleep!
Handsome: (Falls Through The roof.)

My name is not Napplebee it’s not Apple… My name is Jonathan Jacob Applebee

principal: I know what you kids say about me.. well i am not a bitch.. i am not a lesbian.. i am not.. madusa. You know i wasnt always a principal..when i was your age.. every weekend we’d go to the wrong side of town.. so that we could listen to live negro music…yes

Sammy: You bet your frickin’ ass it does.

Something Fish…

Teacher : That gradebook is my life.

Victor: Dude, we just pissed on her life

two words…dog, porn…

Victor was known for always having a plan.-I have a plan; I say we kick Napplebee’s ass

Victor- ohh well this is your real father and I was just calling to tell you that I still haven’t change my mind
Greedy – Wa wa why are you doing this to me?
Victor- because I HATE ADOPTION… Good bye

Victor: I don’t get it, none of the girls will give their notes. It’s like they all of a sudden have self-esteem.
Handsome: That’s impossible.

Victor: It’s crazy. None of the girls want to give me their notes. It’s like they all suddenly got self-esteem.
Handsome: That’s impossible.

we shouldn’t have to listen to her when she talks

Well, it turns out, Greedy was just as Horny as Horny was.

WHAT ABOUT THE DOBERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’re Bad Sammy. Bad, Bad, Bad. You’re a Shipiro!

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