Movie Quotes from Cheaper by the Dozen: Quotes from the movie Cheaper by the Dozen

#1-You were checkin me out right there weren’t you?
#2-Yes I was and what are you gonna do about it?
#1-12 kids later and we still got the heat!!!

1. They set me on fire! 2. They were welcoming you into the family, and it was just your jeans. 1. It may have been only my jeans, but what if next time, it’s my face? I’m not that good of an actor, this is how I get jobs! -motions to his face-

A family is a support system butch!

Ah,Pasta De La Crotch!!!!!

All I’m saying is families are inevitable. They’re like death and taxes.

awwwwwwwwwwwww get em’


Call me crazy pops but things are getting pretty twisted around here

dad: they’re………everywhere!

Don’t worry, we’ve got this.


Hank: Honey you see this (points to face) this is the money maker, im not real smart, this is all that I have…I know that and im man enough to admit it!!!

Is she still dating that doornob?

Jake: Come over anytime dude!

Jake: Day 14 on the alien planet

Jake: I heard you were dissin my family!

Jake: The man irons his jeans mom

Jake: Uh, your gonna wanna stop now dude!

Jake: yeah, and now mom decides to become a career person and like travel the globe

Jake: Yeah, i mean with out you we wouldn’t be the 12 bakers anymore, we’d be like… 11!

Jessica:dad nigel hit kim with a dart and i assume he will be punished!

Mom 2 words… need new skates

Mom: Jake, do you have to wear black?
Loraine: Black works mom! Jesus like, had his funeral on Christmas!
Henry: He died on Easter Barbie!
Jessica: He was resurrected on Easter moron!

Nigel: Step off, missy! (Tom snags him) Tom: YOU DON’T TALK THAT WAY, UNLESS IT’S WITH HUMOR!!!

o, there fast food people

pasta de la crotch!

Put Beans back in his cage, now!

Soaking his underwear in meat! If I could juct harness that creativity and channel it into something constructive…

some one from some thin somethin

sometimes, i want to kill sara… but id kill for her, always

They set me on fire!!!

this movie is great!

Tom on the phone: There’s only 2 … oh plus 10

Tom…could you please tell your kids to respect the perimeter around the Le Baron?

Tom: (while Sarah plays on the moonbounce) Don’t make me come up there! (the moonbounce overinflates and explodes)

Tom: Baby!!!
Kate: Whoa…baby, must be serious
Tom: I was thinkin that maybe we should buy a new mattress and get rid of this old lumpy one!!!
Kate: Don’t be ridculus you know that you can just pound the lumps out!!!
Tom: I can just pound the lumps out?

What a nightmare!

You have a dark gift Sarah Baker

you soaked his underwear in meat…funny..but wrong.

You soaked his underwear in meat? That is SO wrong, funny, but wrong. Now who was the MASTERMIND in the meat-soaking plot against Hank? -the twins step forward- You were the masterminds? Step back, please. -walks down the group making radar beeping noises to each child and stops at one- You have a dark gift, Sara Baker, and it’s going to cost everyone a month’s allowance! -the children start to argue- You want to make it two?

You soaked his underwear in meat??

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