Movie Quotes from Celebrity: Quotes from the movie Celebrity

(lady) I watch your exercise tapes all the time
(man) Me too
(lady) Yes, but I actually use them to exercise.

I would dream about being in a movie with Warren Beatty.

I’ll sue this whole rat-trap, fleabag, cockroach fucking motel.

If you could, let’s not dwell on the business.

My body belongs to my husband. What I do from the neck up – that’s a different story.

Now I know why you get the big bucks – becuase you make me look so great.

Where were you when we were making love?

Who do you think is more popular – the Pope or Elvis Presley?

You can learn a lot about a society by who it chooses to celebrate.

You could not imagine the amount of crap I get sent.

You think I’ve led a religious life? I’ve had two divorces and two abortions.

You’re going to send out those truffles to the President, right?

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