Movie Quotes from Career Opportunities: Quotes from the movie Career Opportunities

…the question is….when in the world are u gonna serve SHISHIMI????

1: Are you a slacker?
2: No… Presbyterian actually.

1: You know, if my foot could talk…
2: Easy…
1: …it would say, ‘May I please go up this geek’s ass!’

Any little fraulein who expects anything more from me than a little bit of pleasure, a little bit of danger, and a great set of pectorals, she’s lookin for a fall right on her ass.

I enjoy a good one after a fine meal – helps settle the stomach.

This uniform smells a bit like Darnell.

We had a cup of java together

Well, C.B., I came in here with the number 45 in my mind.

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Career Opportunities’: Quotes from the movie ‘Career Opportunities’

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