Movie Quotes from Career Girls: Quotes from the movie Career Girls

….Like….errr….curry and chips…

a little fuck on toast

a womans place is on my face

Adrian: I fancy going travelling.
Hannha: What, with the gypsies? –

I got a first and I smoked a lot of dope.

Its hannah and clare actually. Do come in

Like…errr…..curry and chips…

ms Bronte Ms Bronte

Oi fatso. sorry

This isn’t a bordello, you know. You can’t just walk into every boudouir and choose a different bint.

Vagina. Nice place. Couldn’t live there

what did you have for breakfast? A little fuck on toast

you do look like you’ve done the tango with a cheese grater

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Career Girls’: Quotes from the movie ‘Career Girls’

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