Movie Quotes from Cahill: United States Marshal: Quotes from the movie Cahill: United States Marshal

#1- Give me my five dollars. If you get shot tonight, I’ll disappear. Oh, I’ll come back and bury you… and mumble something Christian over your grave. #2- Lightfoot, your kindness overwhelms me.

#1- You’d even shoot a dead man! #2- Nah and I ain’t gonna let him shoot me neither.

— is he gunna make it, Doc???

— I’ll bet my brand new Chicago made leg amputator on it……

A Man Gets To Thinkin’.

Any of you want to surrender?

Cause even grown men need understanding.

Don’t rob banks.

I’ll say one thing for you, J.D., you got style. Yes, sir, you got style!

Lightfoot, I never heard a bona fide war chief talk so much.

Meaning if you don’t like the treatment, don’t rob the bank.

You call the tune and you pay the piper. Meaning…you don’t like the treatment, don’t rob the banks.

Your fault, my fault, nobody’s fault and the boy dies

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