Movie Quotes from Cadillac Man: Quotes from the movie Cadillac Man

$500 over invoice.

1) Excuse me, what I am supposed to do? Sit around while you screw this guy and everything that moves. What kind of man would I be sitting around with my Johnson in my hand? 2)Well that’s about the only place it’s been. 1) You bitch!!!!

1) What am I supposed to do now? Grow legs like Molly? 2) I don’t know Ben, I still wouldn’t fuck you.

Everybody fucking shut up!!! This is my thing!!! What kind of place is this?? Open season on everyone’s wife, huh???

I gonna sell some cars.

I know I’m late, but I’m was taking care of business.

I’m talking about emotional support.

Monkey brains?

Nobody gets out alive.

Staying alive…Staying alive…

Turgeon Auto.

What do you mean 12 units by tomorrow?

What’s your problem?!

You can’t sell a widow a car at her husband’s funeral.

You’re not a bimbo,a bimbo is a little tiny elephant with big ears.

You’re the scum of the earth.

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