Movie Quotes from Bushwhacked: Quotes from the movie Bushwhacked

1) God bless those little scouts! 2) What? What is it? What do you see? 1) Smoke signals, right by the book…well almost. 2) What do they say? 1) Belp…BELP!

1) Hey…heyyy oh that’s the ticket…a little spritz of cool, clean mountain rain! 2) I hate to tell you this, doughboy…but that’s not rain!

1) Spyder shouldnt we be on the regular trail? 2) Kid, questions like that could get us killed!

1)and gettin good ol’ Max to where he needs to go! 2)who’s Max? 1)who’s Max? uh…Max, is all of us. Cuz we are gunna take this thing to the Max! (all kids)Yeah! 1)are ya with me? to Devil’s Peak?! (all kids)To Devil’s Peak!

1)nice dolls! 2)did you bring a pretty pink umbrella as well? (1&2 laugh) 3)no, i figured we could all just hide under your underwear and wait it out. 1)Oh, rejected!!!

1)Spider? Spider? SPIDER? 2)WHAT?!? 1)how come your nickname’s Spider? 2) because I once killed a kid, who called me Spider ONE TIME TOO MANY!

2 packs of gum, some snowballs, and a jumbo size coke.

Alright! Now flip em and zip em, lets go!

And I will disappear, into the jungle. And from there, I will evaluate, your walking skills.

Eat your veggies, eat your starches! Lean back boys…GOLLLLLLLDEN arches!

He’s armed! He’s dangerous! And he’s got himself hostages!

I had a Dr. Pulaski once. I dont know why you suddenly reminded me of him. He treated me for cryptorchidism…undecended left testicle. Funny, I can feel it going back up there right now.

I must say that was an AWESOME demonstration on how to handle a bear attack!…Spyder?

I’m proud of ya…now get the hell outta here!

If the manual told you to stick your weiner in a light socket, would you do it??


Ohh Fuuuuuu….dge!!

Then take your time


Then take your time

Throw your bags in the water, they’ll think where dead.

We have a fugitive on the loose here, people!

We, guys, we gotta start a fire. Better start looking for pinecones.

What is with you and the pushing? I wanna speak to your superior! Is that him??

You haven’t had another one of those seizures for about 20 minutes…that’s a good sign!

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