Movie Quotes from Burbs, The: Quotes from the movie Burbs, The

(Art) …and a thermostat in a home heating sytem is that supposed to go to five thousand degrees ya think?

(Ray) So how come you didn’t go with Susette to her mothers house? (Art) Hey, I’m eating here. Can you imagine me with the two of them for a week? I’d rather chew broken glass.

-He can’t come out until he resembles the man I married! -Carol we don’t have that kind of time!

-I remember it was real hot that summer. You know the kind of hot where your butt starts to sweat and the underwear starts to ride up…well it was hot

-I’ve never seen that…I’ve never seen anyone drive their garbage down to the end of the drive way and then bang the hell out of it with a stick I-I’ve never seen that.

-That’s not the question the question is who is gonna pick up this mess? -Who’s gonna pick it up? Well you’re gonna pick it up, because you are a garbage man.

-You wanna put that back, you wanna NOT steal that from Walter’s house?

1) Green sky at morning, neighbor take warning… 2) Green sky at night? 1) Neighbor take flight?

1) Pretty Girl you got there…she one of yours? 2)No, it came with the frame 1)Ahhhhhh It came with the frame!!!

1)I don’t want to go up there and sit around and wait for the neighbor with the gigantic head to fall down the stairs.
2)He’s a hydrocephalic and I don’t think you should make fun of him.

1. I can see the news reports now. *They were a quiet family, kept pretty much to themselves. No one would have ever suspected them of foul play. 2. I’ve never seen that. I’ve never seen anybody drive their garbage to the street and then bang the hell out of it with a stick, I’ve never seen that. 1. I say we get a look into those barred up basement windows!. 2. Well, call me overly cautious, but don’t you think that’s gonna look suspicious? I mean, three guys digging through garbage at 11 o’clock at night in the middle of a storm? 3. Affirmitive! That garbage is going nowhere. I say we wait till first light. Scope me! I’m outta here!

Art: (finds a femur bone) Ray, there’s no doubt anymore. This is real. Our neighbors are murdering people. They’re chopping them up. They’re burying them in their backyard. Ray.. This is Walter. (They both scream)

Art: I think the message to, uh, psychos, fanatics, murderers, nutcases all over the world is, uh, do not mess with suburbanites. Because, uh, frankly we’re just not gonna take it any more. Ya know, we’re not gonna be content to look after our lawns and wax our cars, paint out houses. We’re out to get them, Don,we are out to get them.

Art: I want to kill everyone, Satan is good, Satan is our pal.

Art: I’m telling you these people are Satanists. As I sit here, they are satanists. Look, look, the world is full of these kind of things – black masses, mutilations. Mutilations. The incubus, the succubus – I’m tellin’ you, Walter was a human sacrifice.

Art: Ray, do you want ’em to take your family, tear their livers out and make some kind of satanic pâté?

Carol: You were up at the crack of dawn watching a dog poop.

Ray: I’m going to go do something productive. I’m gonna go watch television.

Ray: No, I’ve never seen that, I’ve never seen anyone drive thier garbage out to the curb and bang the hell out of it with a stick.

Ray: Remember what you were saying about people in the ‘burbs, Art, people like Skip, people who mow their lawn for the 800th time, and then SNAP? WELL, THAT’S US. IT’S NOT THEM, THAT’S US. WE’RE the ones who are vaulting over the fences, and peeking in through people’s windows. We’re the ones who are THROWING GARBAGE IN THE STREET, AND LIGHTING FIRES. WE’RE THE ONES WHO ARE ACTING SUSPICIOUS AND PARANOID, ART. WE’RE THE LUNATICS. US. IT’S NOT THEM. It’s us.
Art: (after a pause) I don’t know what to say.. What, do you want me to move?

Rumsfield: One thing about these old guys – they never leave the house without their hair.

Rumsfield: That old fart. He’s got the best lawn on the block. And you know why? Because he trains his dog to crap in my yard.

Rumsfield: Walter. I know you’re in there. That scum-sucking, barking rat of yours has just taken his last dump on my lawn. I find one more- just one- and I’m gonna catch him and staple his ass shut.

Rumsfield:Are you completely pussy-whipped? Why don’t you just take your balls out of your wifes purse.. make a stand for one time in your life.

About a 9 on the tension scale, there Rub

Ah pretty girl..Friend of yours? NO! It came with the frame

Art chanting: Satan is good, Satan is our pal

Art: Saftey’s my middle name.
Ray: I thought his middle name was Louis

Do you know what this is Ray? Its a bone….Its a femur…its a femur bone….a femur happens to be a human thigh bone ray…i mean look at the size of this thing you think this came off a chicken or something?

Do you know what this is?
It’s a bone.
It’s a femer.
It’s a femer bone.

Eighteen months in a bush and I can snap your neck in a heartbeat.

Gosh, I love this street!

HANG OUT WITH US MAN, we got the Pizza dude comin!

He’s a litter bug. You know it could be a candy bar wrapper,a credit card receipt, you know those things fly around. Ahhh…it’s my note.

Here ya go sonny, a little something for the old sweet tooth

Hey lame-o, get out of my yard!

Hey man, piss off!!

Hey pinochio, where do you think your going

Hey Ray, we got a big problem mister…The Klopek’s are back…and they brought coppers!

Hey Ricky get this lame-o out of your yard #2 Get out of my yard Lame-o!

Hey ricky, get this lamo outta your yard!

Hey you wanna go down the deli and get one of those beef sandwiches.

Hey you wanna go down to the deli and get one of those new meatball sandwiches?

I hate cul-de-sacs…There’s only one way out and the people are weird.

I wanna kill, every one, satan is good, satan is your pal

I’m going to go and do something productive, Im going to go watch television

I’m going to Paris, France.

In Southeast Asia, we’d call this thing bad karma.

Its just some litter blowing around, the guys a litter bug. An old credit card receipt or something……no, its my note!

no one knocks off a old man in my neighboorhood and gets away with it

No tan lines today mrs. rumsfeld. . .looks nice.

Nobody knocks off an old man in my neighborhood & gets away with it.

Nobody knocks off an old man in my neighborhood and gets away with it.

oh pretty girl. she yours?
hans: it came wid de frame.

Okay, have a field day.

Ray and Art: It’s a Femur! AAAHHHHHH! (the camera moves in and out on their faces)

Ray:I think were going alittle off the deep end, looking in their windows with thermal night vision scope.Whats next we tap their phone lines.
Rumsfeld: That can be arranged.
Ray: Great than we can burn a cross on their yard.

Red Rover Red Rover, send Art back on over.

Ricky, shut up and paint your fucking house!

Rumsfield: Hey Art, your house is on fire. And your wife is home!
Art: My wife is home!!!

Rumsfield: Hey Ricky, get this lame-o out of your yard! Ricky: Get out of my yard, LAME-O!

RUMSFIELD: I didn’t catch your name.
HANS: Hans
RUMSFIELD: A fine Christian name, Hans Christian Andersen!

Shut up and paint your God damn house, Ricky!

Smells like they’re cooking a goddamn cat!

That kid next door is a meatball

That kid next door’s a meatball.

That scum barkin rat of yours has just taken his last dump on my lawn. I catch him again, just once. I’m gonna catch him and staple his ass shut!

That’s funny, I don’t remember seeing a moving van parked outside.
Ruben: I don’t understand that it was parked outside ALL DAY!

The Klopeks, with coppers!

the pizza dude is coming(making ‘okay’ sign with hands)

The pizza dude!

The same thing happened to me last week, but instead of bees, it was a foaming squirrel!

There go the god damn brownies!!!

there go the goddamn brownies

These old guys never go out without their hair.

This is no ordinary furnace.

This is Walter!! Ahhhhhhh Ahhhhhhh

What’s in the basement hair Klopek.

Why don’t you take your balls out of your wife’s purse and take a stand for one time in your life.

Why don’t you take your balls out of your wife’s purse and take a stand for one time in your life?

You call going to the lake relaxing? It’s four hours of driving on the tollway in holiday traffic to sit in some dank, wet cabin, and wait for that neighbor with the enourmous head to get drunk and fall down the stairs.

You hit the wrong wire and you’re a Post Toastie.

You keep a horse in the basement?

You keep a horse in the basement?!!

You know, the same thing happened to me last week, but instead of bee’s, it was a foaming squirrel.

you’ve had that in your trousers all day

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