Movie Quotes from Bulletproof: Quotes from the movie Bulletproof

1) Say it again. I love the way he says it. 2) Disneyland

1)’Devils Dropoff’, a little hard to make out in the dark 2) i’dd like to make out with you in the dark.

1)Charlie, are you getting a woody doin’ this? 2)Uh-uh, I had one before we started.

1)Great. I like the porn. 2)Well…good.

1)I’m driving. 2)Hell no. 1)Why not? 2)Cause you drive like that kid Corky from Life Goes On.

1)You actually took a bullet for me. 2)That was a little nice of me wasn’t it?

1. You mean like when you told me that your rabbi overcircumcized you, and thats why you have a small penis? 2. I JUST TOLD YOU HTAT TO MAKE YOU LAUGH!

1.) Have you been drinking sir? 2.) I had about a half a beer
but the dog had a lot.

1: and IIIIII will always love YOU!!!2: WILL YOU SHUT UP! SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!

Could you move your head to the left. I think that plate in your head is ruining the reception. #2 Geez, you’re right.


Gross…right in the fucking eyeball!

Hey alright, they got porn.

I can actually taste my nuts!

I don’t know how to give people butter!!

I don’t like your God. Your God scares me.

I got piss on me!!

I would never kill the bill. I would get to know the buill and teach it how to read and shit like that.

I’ll get a whole farm to piss on you!

I’m going to Mexico. I’m gonna start my life over. I’m gonna be a bull fighter.

If he’s a cop, I’ll suck your dick.

If you sneeze, fart or even breathe in my direction I will shoot you. #2 What if I chew loud?

Is it the plate in your head, cause I don’t remember you being this stupid.

Is it the plate in your head? I don’t remember you being this stupid!

Keats, you’ll always be my bodyguard, you know that.

Mayday? What is this a Kirk Douglas movie?

My head hurts cuase you put a bullet in it.

No, she’s not the like the whore in Mexico, no.

Now in case you’re wondering why that hurt so much, it’s because I have a metal plate in my head, compliments of you!

Ohh honey, How’s your Twinkie???

Piss in my pants? I haven’t done that since I was 24!

See, he’s lickin’ me because he likes me, not cuz he’s tryin’ to get close to me and then fuck me over!

Shut the hell up!!!

This is a 70’s porno. You know how I know? ‘Cause the guy’s dick has sideburns.

Those fellas messed with the wrong hombre!

Until the day.

What? That they over circumsized you? #2 I made that shit up to make you laugh.

Where I’m from.

You can’t stop FUCKING ME OVER, can you?!?

You don’t wanna beat the shit outta me in front of my mother do you? Mum, Mum, MOTHER!!!!

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