Movie Quotes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Quotes from the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer

BUFFY:its a stupid dance with a bunch of stupid ppl i see every stupid day
Maddison:oh so now we’re like…stupid

#1: We can do anything. #2: Oh yeah? Clap.

‘Scuse much, rude or anything?
Yeah, nice ensamble.
What a homeless.

‘You threw a knife at my head.’ ‘And you caught it.’ ‘But…you threw a KNIFE at my HEAD!’

(Dancing) Pike: I suppose you want to lead?
Buffy: No.
Pike: Me either.
Buffy: This is a good thing.

…when she ran to the court in the middle of the game, was that the most mondo bizarro thing ever, or did I blink?

1) 1st bell people! Time marches on.. 2) What’s your point?

1) A lot has been going on and I wanted to talk to you guys about it…see, a few weeks ago, I met this man. 2) Oh my Gawd, you’re having an affair?! 3) Cool! 4) Does Jeffrey know? 5) It’s not like that– he’s old, he’s like fifty…6) EEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!

1) And this isn’t important?! This happens to be The Dance….the last dance of our last year. 2) Oh except for the semi-formal 3) Oh yeah… 4) oh and the totally-formal 5) right… 6) Oh and the senior prom- 7) OKAY!

1) Looks like a job for Wiccan girl. Whaddaya say, Will? Big time danger. 2) I eat danger for breakfast. 3) But, oddly enough, she panics in the face of breakfast foods.

1) They found Cassandra’s body on the hills 2) yeah it’s been there for weeks all icky…

1) Things fall apart. They fall apart so hard. 2) Tara? 1) You can’t ever….put them back the way they were. 2) Are you OK? 1) I’m sorry. You know, these things….they take time. You can’t just have coffee and expect- 2) I know. 1) There’s just so much to work through. Trust has to be built again, on both sides. We have to see if we’re the same people we were. If we can fit into each other’s lives. It’s a long, important process….and can we just skip it? Can-can you just be kissing me now?

1) What’s going on? 2) Simple. I’m gonna prove something. I love you. 1) (disgusted, she turns her face away) Oh, my god. 2) No, look at me. I love you. You’re all I bloody think about….dream about. You’re in my gut….my throat. I’m drowning in you, Summers, I’m drowning in you.

1)hey Lefty, remember what happened the last time we met?
2)yes(while lifting 1 in the air)

1)We’re immortal! I can do anything! 2) Oh yeah? CLAP!

1)you look like shit, man!
2)but i feel…pretty(while floating)

1. We are one 2. One what? Cute couple? I don’t THINK so!

1.Did I do all that?
1.Did you do all that?
2.Yeah. Yeah, I did.

1.Don’t we know you guys? Hey wait a minute, you’re the guys from the movie. We hate you guys!
2.Like we care. I’m sure.

1.How about Merrick? Is that what he’d want?
2.Merrick’s dead!
1.Cheap shot!
2.He’s dead because of me. Because I couldn’t lift a hand against Lothos. I’m in way over my head!
1.Look, life’s a bitch, I’ll give you that. But Buffy, you’re the guy. You’re the chosen guy.
2.And I choose to be shopping!

1.I can’t believe these people. We paid good money to see this movie.
2.No we didn’t.

1.I can’t move my legs.
1.You’re sitting on them.

1.It was a natural reaction on the part of the slayer. A reaction to their unnaturalness. And you’re going to be able to use that to track them.
2.Great. My secret weapon is PMS. That’s just terrific.
1.It’s not a weapon. It’s an alert system.

1.Now, I am a God.
2.And now, you’re a coat rack.

1.Oh man you’re disgusting! You don’t even like her, but you sleep with her. What is that?
2.I got a newsflash for you. Another shot at this and I’ll have sex with you!
1.Oh yeah. And then you’ll never call me.

1.The world is under attack by legions of the un-dead, and you’re going to a mixer!?
2.It’s not a mixer. It’s the senior dance. It’s important. You wouldn’t understand.
1.No, I wouldn’t understand. I mean, I thought you wanted to kill vampires.
2.I don’t want to kill anyone!

1.They’re all the same. They’re just so stuck up, like they’re not even human. I hate them!
2.Would you bone them?
1.Yes. Definitely. Definitely. Please God. Especially the blond. I’d give my right eye for a piece of that!
2.Wait, she’s not even human!

1.You doing all right? You okay?
2.Yeah, I’m doing good. I, you know, kind of miss my knees, though.

1.You find yourself babbling incoherently to a strange man in your living room.
2.Are you calling me, a man?

1.You guys are thrashed.
2.Just a little.
3.Are we?
2.That would explain the slurred speech. Thanks. What’s your name?
2.Yeah, it figures. I’m Pike. This is Benny. Um, I’m Pike.

1.You know, Buffy, you’re not like other girls.
2.Yes I am.

1.You want me to go to the graveyard with you because I’m the Chosen One and there are vampires?
1.Does Elvis talk to you? Does he tell you to do things? Do you see spots?

all i wann do is grow up marry christain slater AND DIE

All I wanna do is graduate from high school, go to Europe, marry Christian Slater and die.

All I want to do is graduate from high school, go to Europe, marry Christian Slater, and die

All I want to do is graduate from High School, go to Europe, marry Christian Slater, and die!

And you, 1200 years old, behave like a child.

Angelus): *Dear [Name of person]..* Hmmm. I’m still trying to decide the best way to send my regards. Spike): Why don’t you rip her lungs out? That might make an impression. Angelus): Lacks… poetry. Spike): Doesn’t have to. What rhymes with lungs?

Are you addressing I?

Are you crazy? You just don’t sneak up on people in a graveyard. You make a noise when you walk, you stomp, or… yodel.

benny: but I’m hungry- pike: you’re floating!

Bogus corn! And the ushers, I’d like the Acne Patrol!

Buffy: I have no sense of history?! He wears a brown tie!

Buffy: what language are u speaking
Oh get out of my facial

COACH: Repeat after me, ‘I am a person, I have a right to the ball’!

Demon: you forgot metal cant hurt me
Buffy:you forgot somthing to …. sunrise
Demon ahhhhh
Buffy: its in about 9 hours moron

Do you have any gum?

Do—do you think I chose to be like this? Do you have any idea how lonely it is, how dangerous? I would *love* to be upstairs watching TV or gossiping about boys or… God, even studying! But I have to save the world. Again.

Does Elvis talk to you? Do you see…spots?

Does Elvis talk to you? Does he ask you to do things? Do you see spots?

Does Elvis talk to you? Does he say things? Do you see spots?

Does the word ‘duh’ mean anything to you?

Does the word duh mean anything to you?

Don’t you get it? I don’t want to be the ‘chosen’ one! I don’t want to spend the rest of my life chasing after vampires!

Don’t, piss me off!

Dribble! Shoot-shoot! Take that ball to the hoop-hoop!

Everything has been taken away because Daddy made a little mistake on his taxes… for the last twelve years.

Excuse me for not knowing about El Salvador, like I’m ever going to Spain anyway!

Excuse much, rude or anything?

Get off my thang, I’ll pop you one.

Get out of my Facial!

Girl): Look, I know you find me attractive. I’ve seen you looking at my breasts. Guy): Nothing personal, but when a guy does that, it just means his eyes are open.

God, what’s your damage?

Guys, I think reality stepped out here about 5 minutes ago.

he ruined me new jakcet! kill him alot!

he TOOK my ARM!

He took my arm. Kill him a lot!

He’s rather fond of passing out just as I happen by.

Her yabos scoff at gravity.

Here the world is under attack by legions of the undead and you’re going to a mixer?

Hey!? Hello!? This is not a Caring Nurturer here, this guy is a blood sucking fiend from beyond the grave.

How can you not tread on the Earth, I mean you’re gonna have to, right?

How funky is your chicken, how funky is your chicken, how loose is your goose, how loose is your goose, our goose is totaly loose, our goose is totaly loose, so shake your caboose, so shake your caboose!

how funky is your chicken?how funky is your chicken?howloose is your goose?our goose is totally come on all you Hog fansso come on all you Hog fansand shake your caboose.

I can safely say that there’s something going on with you, Buffy! Oh, don’t worry, you’re not in any kind of trouble, but uh…tell me….it’s…drugs, isn’t? Hey, I hear ya!

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t believe I’m in a graveyard with a strange man hunting for vampires on a school night!

I didn’t even break a nail!

I have detention slips here and I’m not afraid to use them!

I have no sense of history!? He wears a brown tie!

I know that guy. That is a bad guy. Can we go please?

I know that guy. That is a bad guy. Can we go, please?

I laugh in the face of danger…..and then I hide until it goes away

I laugh in the face of danger….then hide till it goes away.

I promise, it’s not actually the whole movie. Just 80% of it.

i saved you a dance your gonna ask me i suppose you want to lead no me either this is a good thing

I’ll split you open like rotting fruit … Ha ha trust me!

I’ve saved you a dance your gonna ask me? i suppose you want to lead No me either this is a good thing

It must have been wonderful. To put on some fantabulous gown and go to a ball like a princess. And have horses and servants and yet more gowns.

It’s just a stupid dance with a bunch of stupid people I see every stupid day.

It’s just that you seem like such a flake, and I mean that in a good way. Hey, i can keep talking until you strike me dead or not.. i prefer not..

It’s sooo five minutes ago.

Jeffery, I don’t mean to sound sexist, but can I borrow her. No way, you’d get her dirty.

Jeffrey, I don’t mean to sound sexist but can I borrow her?

JEFREY: She thinks my name is ‘Bobby’? BUFFY: It’s possible she thinks my name is Bobby.

Let’s bail. Get out of this town. Those rich bitches are a plague and they’ve got to be stopped.

Look, you seem like such a flake, I mean that in a good way! Hey I can stop talking or you can strick me dead or not, I prefer not!

MOM: do you know what time it is? BUFFY: Uh, around ten? MOM: Ugh! I knew this thing was slow, you pay a fortune for something!

Mom:Good night Bobby
Jeffrey:Good night Mrs. S. She thinks my name is Bobby?
Buffy:it’s possible she thinks MY name is Bobby

Mr.Howard is so heinous, I get a C plus on the test and he tells me, you have no sense of history.
I have no sense of history? He wears a brown tie.

My birth right? Is that like a trust fund or something?

My trust fund is in the graveyard?! God, what’s your damage!

No you guys go ahead I’m waiting for Cassandra she’s gonna help me with my homework…wait, wait, wait…I kind of loaned her Kimberly’s yellow leather jacket so…don’t tell her, alright?

oh my god, you made a joke!Are you okay, do you need to lie down?

oh, PUH-LEASe!!

Okay, that was too close for comfort. Not that slaying is ever comfy, but… you know what I mean.

Person 1: None of the other girls ever gave me this much trouble.
Person 2: And where are they now? Hello!

Pike isn’t a name, it’s a fish!

Pike: But, Buffy, you are the guy. You are the chosen guy.
Buffy:Yeah, I’m the chosen one. And I choose to be shopping.

Please! It’s so five minutes ago!

Please! They show previews for porn movies…

Rude much?

She’s meat for the beast. The master wants her. And Uncle Sam wants you.

that is so five minutes ago

That really was the most mondo bizarro thing ever.

Ugh! Get out of my facial!

We’re right behind you, only further back.

Well, you seem to be having a swell time, Queen of the Cardboard Jungle. Would I get my ass kicked if I asked you to dance?

What am I doing here? I’m saving your butt. Well, there was an exchange of butts…At least I didn’t faint!

What are you doing here? This is a naked place!

What’s your damage?!

When the music stops, the rest is silence.

Why do you like these people? They’re sheep. Forget them. Live forever. We could start a band!

Will you be wagging that jaw of yours while I am biting if off?

Yer floating! Get outta here!

Yes. And then I’m going to marry Bob Dole and raise penguins in Guam.

you broke up with my machine

You broke up with my MACHINE?”

You got a c plus? I can’t believe I cheated off of you!

You knowing about my mole doesn’t prove anything, except that it’s way past medication time for you, buddy.

You made a joke. Do you want to lie down? I’ve heard it can hurt the first time.

You threw a KNIFE at my HEAD!

You’re acting like a thing from another tax bracket!

You’re floating! Come on, man, get away from here!

You’re one of those skanky old men that, like, attacks little girls and stuff, right? Well, forget you.

Zander 1 What do we do if i goes wrong
Zander 2 kill us both spock
(they both laugh)
Buffy they are kinda the same now
Gilles yes he is clearly a bad influance on himself

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