Movie Quotes from Brubaker: Quotes from the movie Brubaker

1/ He’s crazy
2/ No he’s not, he’s dangerous
3/ Someone oughta stop him
4/ Put a bullet in him

1/ Let me put this as simple as I can, Mr B******* … you gotta stop digging.
2/ Why?
1/ Because you have been salaried to run one the best conceived prisons in this country, sir…. because although Wakefield is admittedly an imperfect institution, much like America herself, she is, nonetheless, a grand experiment. A government of the man for the man, by the man

1/ You’re a *lifer*
2/ Habitual ciminal… the *big bitch*

AD LINE: *The most wanted man in Wakefield prison is the warden!*

I don’t believe men like you! You dangerous men, you start wars and you let other people fight them, you come in here and you talk about *do this; do that; think THIS way; be THIS way*, you stick a sign in some poor fool’s hand and you say *follow me, I got the whole thing figured out so we can change things for the better!* Well that’s a lotta bullshit!! There’s only one thing you do, AND THAT’S GET PEOPLE KILLED!!

I don’t see playing politics with the truth.

I hate prunes. They cloud my mind.

I thought this was a very informative movie on the brutality of our southern states. Robert Redford was excelent as Henry Brubaker. This movie should of received more atention from critics if for no other reason than being based on a true story.

I’m gettin’ ready to be angry, Abraham, I’m gettin’ ready to be REAL angry!

You can’t reform the system if you’re not in it.

You got yourself a *phone-call*

You know something, Mr B*******, The smartest thing you ever did was to come in here incognitient… the dumbest, was stepping forward, you want it, you got it!

[Tagline] One man against a cruel system

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