Movie Quotes from Brain Donors: Quotes from the movie Brain Donors

(Lisa) i miss alan,(roland) well i would to if the man i loved was millions of miles away of course i’d be living a totally different life style.

(Roland)i brought you gift for you from you

(roland)you should go back to school, (jaques says) i hated teaching

1) (brushing hair)98, 99, 100…Lillian, Laslow, my two favorite L’s! 2)Roland, what on earth are you doing in my bedroom? 1)This is your room! Thank God, (pick’s up underwear and looks them over)I though someone sewed up all my flyholes!

1)And that spells cash with a capital…
1)You should go back to school.
2)I hated teaching!!

1)Another lovely bracelet! 2)A gift for you, from you.

1)Do you know what I was doing at the age of 7? (2)Yes, and you should be thankful you didn’t go blind!

1)Five and six. 2)Eleven. Now it’s your turn: 25 and 67?

1)Five minutes, Mr. Volarie. 2)Five minutes! 1)Four minutes, Mr. Volarie. 2)Four minutes? 1)Four minutes, Mr. Jolson. 2)What is going on here!

1)Flakvisor! I’m half the man you are! 2)So is she. And it’s driving me mad!

1)I want to make love by candlelight 2)I’ll do ya one better (pulls out a Duraflame log, sets it on nightstand and lights it)!

1)Is this creep bothering you? 2)Oh, no, she’s quite delightful, thank you.

1)Mr. Flakvisor! 2)Oh! Thank God, I thought my father showed up!

1)My dance shoes are in the Louvre, in Paris! 2)So what? Last year I left a rain coat in Cleveland.

1)Roland T. Flakvisor? 2)That depends. Do I owe you money? 1)No. 2)In a drunken stupor, did I promise to marry you? 1)No. 2)Then I’m your man!

1)That’s CASH! Spelled with a capital… 2) K! 1) You really should go back to school. 2)I hated teaching

1)You’re out of line! 2)And you’re out of toilet paper. But we’re still short one girl.

1. Aren’t those numbers clicking by awfully fast?
2. You’re probably a speed reader.
1. Well, you got me there.

1. Do you know dogs?
2. Know dogs? I used to be a chef in a Korean restaurant.

1. I don’t believe it! YOU! *strangles 2* DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!?
2. A psychotic cab driver?
1. I’m Rocko Meloncheck!
2. I hope you know you’re blowing any chance for a possible tip!

1. I’m not leaving til I’m satisfied!
2. *starts ripping his clothes off until he’s in pajamas and tackles 1, who in turn starts beating him with a cloth*
3. Jacques has such a light touch with women.

1. Oh Lilian,you look wonderful. I could make love to you you right here, right now.
2. Roland, please. Let’s keep this on a professional level.
1. Alright then, I’ll charge you 50 bucks a pop.
2. -Huh?

1. Roland!
2. Please! Call me what everyone else calls me: You’re Royal Sex Machine.

1. You enjoy driving a cab?
2. Nah. As soon as I get me driver’s liscense, I’m quitting.

1.)Who saw this man recklessly and without regard for life and property careen into my clients at almost 88 miles per hour?
2.) (silence)
1.) Oh, And who of you will tell their story to my young, beautiful Miss International Wet T-shirt champion nymphomaniac secretary?
2.) Yo! Right here! Me! Me!Hey!

1: And because of your negligence, this boy is suffering severe neck injuries.
2: Leave me alone!
1: Stick with me kid and you can afford enough Nintendo software to sink a battleship.
2: I can sue my parents?
1: I sued mine.
1: Corruptible youth! God bless them.

2’s a crowd and 3’s an adult movie

A women who would be a man, except her name is Lilian…Lilian Oglethorpe

And who of you will tell their story to my young 24 year-old, Miss International Wet T-shirt champion nymphomaniac secretary?

and who of you will tell your story to my young 24 year old miss international wet t-shirt contest champion nymphomaniac secretary

Apart from the cab, I’m a pool man, I perform liposuction, I’ve got me own toupee business. My motto- something this size shoud have hair on it.

Behind every great man is a woman, and I thank god that I have Lillian Oglethorpe, because quite frankly I enjoy the shade.

Can I get a personalized number?

Did we miss the coming attractions? Who’s the villain? Is Tom Cruise in this movie?

Did we miss the coming attractions? Who’s the bad guy? Is Tom Cruise in this?

Do you know who this is? This is Jackson Pollock Jr, son of Roy Lichtenstein!

flakfizer is ballet

He looks dazed and drugged.

Hes got a women tied up…she looks dazed and drugged…shes obviously the grand dragon of some sex cult…she looks like shes about 14. In fact i know shes 14 cuz i was dating her a year ago!

I enjoy haveing Lillin around…quite frankly I enjoy the shade!

If you should lose this hand in an industrial accident…keep it for me.

In a drunken stupor, did I promise to marry you?

Lazlo: Aha! So you’re the ‘doctors’.
Rocko: That wasn’t us. Those were our twin brothers. And you’ll never see us together, cause we love the same women.
Roland: That’s next on Geraldo.

Let the games begin! It’s the first annual visectomy bowl!!

Man: 5 minutes, Mr V____
F: 5 minutes!? My God! Have you consulted another doctor?

Miss! These seats are dreadful — they’re facing the stage!

my intimate views on sonny larry curly moe cher over 500 pages of pictures and only one page with actual writing, now to the woman i adore behind every great man theres a woman and thank heaven i have lillian oglethorpe because quite frankly i enjoy the shade. Ladies and gentleman a woman voted most likely to go up a few dress sizes a woman who would be a man but her name is Lillian ladies and gentleman LILLIAN OGLETHORPE.

Okay, I don’t get it. How come he doesn’t throw up?

P: Oh yeah, well how about we step outside and settle this like men.
L: We are outside.
P: Well how about we step inside and settle this like women.

Rocko: What’re we gonna do now?
Roland: What any Flakfizer would do!
Rocko: What, something devious and underhanded?
Roland: You know the family!

Two’s company and three’s an adult movie.

V: What are you doing here?
F: To sign you up for my ballet company.
V: To sign ME for YOUR ballet company?
F: I swear to God I just said that.

V: You’re out of line!
F: And you’re out of toilet paper!

We’ll go on a cruise where we can watch that old Jamaican moon. And why that old Jamaican will be mooning us, I have no idea.

who does your hair and when are they bringing it back

You enjoy driving a cab? Nah, as soon as I get my drivers license I’m quitting.

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