Movie Quotes from Brady Bunch Movie, The: Quotes from the movie Brady Bunch Movie, The

(A Very Brady Sequel) I’ll go first because I’m the prettiest

(from a very brady sequel)
where’s marsha? she’s over there getting layed by those hawaiian boys!

(from A VERY BRADY SEQUEL) 1) I’m gonna kick your Brady butt! 2) He said the ‘b’ word!

…You’ll be able to hire an eskimo to sit on your face.

1) Doug, I think I just felt your tongue in my mouth! 2) It’s called a French kiss. 2) But I thought you were from Nebraska!

1) Jan…2, 4, 6, 8 wear wear your retainer and your teeth will get straight, Dr. Skalar
2) Jan! You’re not supposed to get your orthadontist to sign your yearbook!
1) Here’s one from my optomitrist!

1)it looks like rain you better take your shawl
2)ok mom
1)how bout you do you have pertection
3)yes id in many colors and textures
1)good for you

1/_Breaker one-nine, breaker one-nine, this is Christmas-Carol…..!!
2/_Honey, no-one’s answered us in years

1/_Larry, get me my ice-pack mask from the freezer?
2/_Dina, we’re gunna be so rich, I’ll have Eskimos sit on your face

1/_Marcia, it looks like rain, you better take your shawl. How about you, Doug? Do you have any protection?
2/_Oh, yes ma’am…. assorted colours and textures.

1/_Ohhh,those are pretty pictures, what have you modeled for?
1/_Are you a Breck girl?
2/_No, Guess Jeans.
1/_Levi’s? Wrangler? Osh Kosh B’Gosh?

1/_Well, you see Billy….
1/_(sarcastically) Like it matters… I grow my hedge high so I don’t have to look at your family everday

2, 4, 6, 8…wear your retainer, and you’re teeth will get straight. Dr. Sklar!

1: This is a carjack!
2: Thank you. Of course it’s a car. But my name’s not Jack, it’s Greg.

A wise man once said, Wherever you go, There you are

And someday, my dream of dreams is to be Mrs. Desi Arnaz, Jr.

Bob, You were right for trying to help a little girl find her kitten, but you were wrong for going into a dangerous place. But you were right for bringing out the kitten, even though you were wrong for claiming the lottery ticket was yours; even though you were right in…turning it over to me. So all things considered you were right but…in the wrong way, so the lottery ticket is rightfully, wrongfully not yours. Right?

Chris Petersen is hot. And after all, he is the big man on campus

Cindy, you know by tattling on your friends, you’re really just tattling on yourself. By tattling on your friends, you’re just telling them that you’re a tattletale. Now is that the tale you want to tell?

Clowns never laughed before, beanstalks never grew.
Ponies never ran before. ‘Till I met you.

Clowns never laughed before… beanstalks never grew…

Don’t bend over Mr. Brady.

Doug, you have your hand on my shoulder… that’s 3rd base

Doug, your hand is on my shoulder. 2: yes it is marcia 1: that’s third base and i don’t go that far (Doug kisses marcia) Doug, i think i just felt your tongue in my mouth 2:its called a french kiss 1: i thought you were from nebraska

Get with the times Greg,its called women’s lib….that means women get everything they want.

HAPPY DAYS IS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s 20 bucks, get to the GAP, FAST

Hey Heidi!! Go yodell in your own yard, huh?!

Hey there groovy lady

His name is George, George Glass.

Hmmm… Search for the Stars. Looking for bright young musical acts. First prize is exactly twenty thousand dollars!

I believe these are MY white knee sox?! Not everything in this room is yours…see Jan, I told you they were mine. Now put them back, and don’t forget to close the drawer when you’re done. *** She has every right to be mad; they are her sox. But why does Marsha get all the sox? Why does Marsha get all the trophies? Why does Marsha get all the good drawers? Yeah!!!!! Why does Marsha always get everything?? Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!!! It’s closed!!!!!!

I couldn’t have said it better myself, Jan. But i’ll try anyway. — Mike Brady

I just LOVE the last day of schyool.

I think Peter’s a babe… in a Gilligan sort of way

im’ not marcia im’ Jan!

its called PUberty sir!!

Jan brady (receiving flowers from ‘George glass’): How did he know that daisies are my favourite?

Jan:I don’t want to move. that means we’ll have to go to a new school and make new friends!
Marsha: but jan, you don’t have any friends!

Let’s face it, Johnny Bravo is nothing but Johnny Rotten

Marsha your bracelet!

Marsha:Oh, What are you a model for?
Marsha: Hand Model, Foot Model
Model: No, Guess Jeans
Marsha: Gap, Levi,Buffalo

May I have your attention would those of you singing and dancing in the aisles please sit down and shut up.

Menage a trois? I bet that means you’re the most!

mommy assed me to ass you if you had any of our mail here by mistake-cindy……what!? i don’t understand you!-mr dipmyer…..mommy assed me to ass you if you had any of our mail here by mistake-cindy……nope, you lost me-mr. dipmyer….mommy assed me to ass you if you had any of our mail here by mistake?-cindy……SHE WANTS THE BRAdY’S MAIL LARRY!-mrs. dipmyer

MR. BRADY: Now don’t you worry, Carol. We’ll find the money.
MRS. BRADY: Find the money? But we used all our savings to go to the Grand Canyon and Hawaii! What’re we gonna do, Mike?

Now I’ll never be a teen model.

Our house is more important than money. This neighborhood is more important than money. Tell me. How many times have we borrowed each other’s power tools or patched up each other’s kids? We know so much about each other. I know that every January, Mr. Yeager is going to have that big Super Bowl party at his house. We know that every spring, Mrs. Simmons is going to have the prettiest daffodils on the block. We know that at 10:15 every Saturday morning, Mrs. Topping likes to walk through her living room naked. Call me old-fashioned, but these things are important, and they’re not for sale. This is our neighborhood, and we’re staying.

Put on your Sunday best,kids. We’re going to Sears!

Put on your Sunday-best, kids, we’re going to Sears!


She’s harder to get into than a Pearl Jam concert.

She’s harder to get into than a PearlJam concert

some guy: (to Davy Jones)Hey Grampa!

Try it and you’re Spam.

Um, Marcia, I gotta go. Uh… Something suddenly came up.

What am I wearing? My bright red jumper. With a floral print trim. What do you mean, take it off?

Wow, Holly…. you’re Ginger and Mary Ann combined!

You tell your father to come over here at Christmastime and I’ll wrap his package.

You’re one groovy chick. You’re really happening in a far our way.

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