Movie Quotes from Book of Love: Quotes from the movie Book of Love

#1. My tent won’t stay up, Jack.
#2. Open your flaps and I’ll take a look.
#1. Oh Jack, you really got me pegged.

#1. Our school motto. You know what it means?
#2. Yeah…something about rectums.

1) She’s like ten years old.
2) So what? My cocker spaniel’s only 5!

1)There’s nothing but sluts in here.
2) That’s what we want…sluts!

Angelo’s gonna pound my head into pepperoni

Crutch! I’ve never been drunk before.

I couldn’t even get you into bird grooming school.

Spider did, in fact, marry a rich old lady who’s soft in the head.

The book of love is the story written in the heart of every horny teenager.

This girl just offered me hot sex for a dollar.

Yeah, tomorrow night we got big pink candle for you two.

You are trash and your friends are trash!

You are trash, and your friends are trash.

You come over tonight, and you can watch my sister take a bath.

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