Movie Quotes from Bonnie and Clyde: Quotes from the movie Bonnie and Clyde

–Hey, you’re fillin’ out there. Must be that prison food.
–Hell, no! It’s married life.

-Hey, that ain’t ours!
-Sure it is.
-But we come in this one.
-That don’t mean we have to go home in it!

-I spent a year in reformatory.
-Whooee! A man with a record.

-What would you do if some miracle happened and we could walk out of here tomorrow morning and start all over again clean? No record and
nobody after us, huh?
-Well, uh, I guess I’d do it all different. First off, I wouldn’t live in the same state where we pull our jobs. We’d live another state. We’d stay clean there. And when we’d take a bank, we’d go into the other state.

-You’re good!
-I ain’t good. I’m the best!
-And modest!

pink, it’s PINK!

All I can say is, they did right by me — and I’m bringin’ me and a mess of flowers to their funeral.

C: You could have you a rich man!
B: I don’t want no rich man!

Dirt in the fuel line, just blowed it away.

Don’t sell that cow!!

Don’t worry, Mother Parker. When this is all over, Bonnie and I will settle down not three miles from you.

Hey Get Away from that Car! are you trying to steal from an Old woman?

I don’t think he’s lost. I think the bank’s been offerin’ extra reward money for us. I think Frank just figured on some easy pickin’s, didn’t ya Frank? You’re no Texas Ranger. You’re hardly doin’ your job. You ought to be home protectin’ the rights of poor folk, not out chasin’ after us!

I,m not much of a lover boy

Take a good look, pop. I’m Buck Barrow.

They’re young…they’re in love…and they kill people.

This here’s Miss Bonnie Parker. I’m Clyde Barrow. We rob banks.

We ain’t heading nowhere, we’re just running from.

what do you all do for fun around here, listen to the grass grow?

Woman): Hey, that ain’t ours! Man): Sure it is. Woman): But we come in this one. Man): That don’t mean we have to go home in it

You know what they say, it’s the face powder that gets a man interested, but it’s the baking powder that keeps him at home.

You know what you done there? You told my story, you told my whole story right there, right there. One time, I told you I was gonna make you somebody. That’s what you done for me. You made me somebody they’re gonna remember.

You’ve heard the story of Jesse James of how he lived and died, if your still in need of something to read heres the story of Bonnie and Clyde!

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