Movie Quotes from Bongwater: Quotes from the movie Bongwater

your confused because your lost,,,,and your lost because you dont know where you are!

Bon voyage, Bitch!

David: That’s great, God, yeah…good, good good. Robert: That is nice.

Devlin:(singing) It was a big day on Jesus Ranch, Jesus Ranch. I feel inlove with a baked potato. That’s when I started to dance, yeah, in France. I’m taking a walk in the woods, it’s nice outside, smells of shit… I come across a silver stripped mushroom and I fly-la-la-la-ly-ly-ly…..

guess who just stopped smoking? your house!

I can’t understand you when you’re whimpering Tommy.

June Baby! June Baby!

Listen you little fire-headed, red-headed fucking bitch…

no more questions….wake up bitch!

Tony: Can we please stop talking about that carrot crotch?

Tony: I roll a great joint. Robert: Ha, would you go with ‘great’?

Tony: We shouldn’t be smoking here, there are police everywhere.

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