Movie Quotes from Boiling Point: Quotes from the movie Boiling Point

–U.S. Treasury…You see this guy?–Yeah, I checked them out. They said they were going to the Penthouse.

And when you’re young, you got plenty of time.

But now we’re not young anymore, so time is very important. In fact, it’s the most important thing we got.

I can’t pay anymore.

I’m telling you, kid, if you trust me, you’ll be set for life. That is no lie.

Listen, Max, I’m on to something big here. It’s a monster. It’s got to be my biggest score yet. Listen, it’s a oil-lease deal with a structure that’s foolproof.

See, you delivered four counterfeit fifties to the Man. And that is that.

Shots fired. Agent down.

You pull this off, partner, we’re on our way to Vegas. And that is no lie.

You’ll be back chasing ambulances.

Your operation wasn’t by the book.

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