Movie Quotes from Bodyguard, The: Quotes from the movie Bodyguard, The

–We’re okay!
–Stay with Rachel!

–How many times have you seen that film?
–About sixty-two.
–Sixty-two times?

–I’ve been watching you all night from across the room.
–Why don’t you go back there and keep watching?

–I’ve got ears.
–I’ll remember that.

–Portman. What are you doing here?
–I’m on the job.

–Reagan got shot.
–Not on my shift.

–So, how’s the new guy?
–He’s got white hair, Frank.
–He’s very good.
–Why’d you have to get me an old man?
–I don’t trust you.

–Someone’s cut the phone lines. Could be anywhere from here to town
–Both cars are dead, and I can’t see how it was done.

–They all in trouble.
–Just one.

–Were you tough?
–No, I was fast.

-Can we get you anything?
-Orange juice.

-What’s the matter? You afraid I’m gonna get picked off in my snazzy
running suit?
-No, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to run with you.

1. So you’re ready to die for me? 2. *pause* It’s the job.

Alexander Graham Bell to see Miss Marron.

All right, I’ll send the stuff off to Washington and Behavioral Sciences. I’ll have an answer in a couple of days.

and IIIIIIII will always love YOUUUUUUU!!!

Disapproval is a luxury I can’t afford.

don’t worry…don’t worry….i’ll protect you

Everybody is scared of something, and that’s how we know we care about them.. we’re afraid we’ll lose them.

Everyone is afraid of something, that’s how you know they care. If they’re afraid of losing it.

He doesn’t want to die, but he’s not afraid of death.

He’s got a gun!

Henry Ford to see Bill Devaney.

How are you doing, Fletch?

I always said she was nuts.

I don’t do celebrities.

I don’t want to talk about this again.

I have nothing.

I heard that the New York economy is so bad that the Mafia has laid off five judges.

I spent a lot of time learning not to react to things like other people do. That’s my job.

I was two years with Carter and four years with Reagan.

I’ll look the situation over.

I’m an old man compared to you, and I don’t understand either. I’m starting to get the feeling that I never will

I’m glad we could have this talk

I’m here to keep you alive, not help you shop.

I’m no good in a permanent position. My feet go to sleep.

It’s so depressing. Have you ever listened to the words?

Its not me, its my bodyguard!!

Kevin)Well you can live with it or you can fire me
Whittney) But I can’t fuck you?!

Lake’s a little low.

Mr. Edison to see Miss Marron.

Never let her out of your sight. Never let your guard down. Never fall in love.

Politics and showbiz, it’s the same thing these days.

There’s several good men available for that kind of money. Have you talked to Racine? Fitzgerald? Portman?

They don’t wash cars on the upper level.

Those were my thoughts! My feelings! I hate her!

ugly woman- i have been looking at you from across the room all night!
kevin- well why dont you go back over there and keep looking!!1

We’ll button down tonight and walk out at first light.

What a silly job this is.

Where’s Portman?

You know, I have a reputation for being a bitch.

You must be very successful to need Frank.

You’re a smart kid.

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