Movie Quotes from Body Double: Quotes from the movie Body Double

–Knock them dead.
–They’re already dead in Seattle.

Action, Jake.

Detective: Come on, Scully. Tell the truth. You fucked her and you kept them for a souvenier.
Jake Scully: No.
Detective: No what, you didn’t fuck her or keep her panties?
Jake: No to both of them.
Detective: Well maybe you’re just a harmless panty sniffer.
Jake: Oh, you got a dirty mind.
Detective: Thats a laugh! You peep on her, you follow her, you fuck her, you keep her little panties as a memento and take a seat on the fifty yard line!
Jake: Thats not what happened! I tried to save her!
(The coroners carry Gloria Revelle’s body past them)
Detective: Some save, Scully. Some save. Remind me never to put my life in your hands.


I’ve been trying to build a case against the husband all along. But the reason it hasn’t panned out is because of your testimony that Gloria was killed by an Indian.

Look, Scully, I’ve got a picture to make here. I got 25 days to make it.

Look,Scully.I got a picture to make here.I got twenty-five days to make it.I got no time to fuck around with a claustrophobic vampire who freezes every time he lays down in a coffin.


We need more comedians in our business.

We’re shooting Body Shots here. Not Last Tango.

When rich wives get dead, I usually go after the husband. Only problem is you saw a thief. An Indian killed Gloria Revelle.

You Can’t Believe Everything You See.

You know, fired, like you don’t have a job anymore? He gave me some bullshit about artistic differences, now what the hell happened?

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