Movie Quotes from Bobby: Quotes from the movie Bobby

–Don’t you have a home, John?
–Well, this is my home, you know that.
–Retirement doesn’t suit you, does it?
–No, sir.

And I want you all to check the back of it, all right, to make sure that there are no stray bits of punched-out paper called ‘card-hole-aggregate-debris.’ Or what the, uh, what the folks down at IBM like to call ‘chads.’

It’s about growing old. Old bones, old face, old man. I hate it. I hate retirement. Makes me…feel useless.

It’s not just a film, Coop. It’s The Graduate.

More and more young men keep coming back in body bags.

Now that Dr. King is gone…no one left but Bobby.

See, when you make a move out of frustration or anger, it always ends in catastrophe.

Senator Kennedy. Welcome to the Ambassador Hotel, sir.

The once and future King.

This is a generous and compassionate country.

We are a great country, and a selfless country, and a compassionate country.

Well, it’s the Ambassador Hotel. People coming, people going. Nothing ever happens.

Yeah, well, I think the, uh, chess is a little bit like life. It scares people, intimidates them, and that’s why they invented checkers.

You’re got no poetry. You’ve got no light.

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