Movie Quotes from Blue Thunder: Quotes from the movie Blue Thunder

–That’s Cochrane, F.E., U.S. Army.
–Cochrane, F.E. What’s the ‘F.E.’ stand for?
–Fuck Everybody.

1/ Could’ve used this in ‘Nam, huh?
2/ Coulda used something
1/ Do you think you can fly it?
2/ You flew it, didn’t ya?

1/ How’s she flying?
2/ This thing’s nose-heavier than the Aiyatollah

1/ I’ve been trying to get you all night…. why don’t you answer your fucking beeper!!!
2/ I just wanna tell you Jack, that next time I’m suspended, so is my fucking beeper!!!
1/ Feel better now?
2/ Yeah… a little

1/Are you talking about *crowd control from the air*
2/Give that man a cigar…
1/That’s been tried out before, it didn’t work then either
2/Where was that?

1/_Cocheran, F.E. …. what’s the F.E. stand for?
2/_*Fuck Everybody*

1/_Feeling any pressure, Murph?
2/_Yeah, about 15 pounds per square inch at sea-level

1/_Rather a near thing today, eh Murph, I heard your turbine failed,… or was it your flying?
2/_Back off, asshole!
1/_Threats?! We are getting brave nowadays… is that a threat?…are you threatening me, Murphy?
2/_No… I’m tellin’ ya, back off!!

1/_You know… he checks his sanity with his wrist-watch
2/_What do you check yours with, a dipstick?

AD LINE: *They had the ultimate weapon & the perfect plan but Murphy stole their thunder*

But there’s a bright side to this and a moral. I think morals are good for you. I love morals. And the moral of this story is: If
you’re walkin’ on eggs, don’t hop.

Catch-ya-later! [spoken several times]

Chatcha Later

Damned bloody gun!

He’s allll mine, cookie

I had 20 years in this outfit when your idea of a good time was to sit in front of a TV tube, watching Bugs Bunny and gnawin’ on your fudg-cicle!

If you notice that I don’t have an ass when I get up out of this chair, it’s because the old man has just chewed it off… just like that

If you really think that you’re going over the edge, the first thing you lose is your sense of time.

Is that right?

Let me tell you that the next time I’m on suspension…so’s my fucking BEEPER.

Lymangood, when I’m talking to you, I’ll be lookin’ at ya!!

Oh, for God’s sake, Lymangood, you’ve got a right to be stupid. Don’t
abuse the privilege.

Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to submit to the vagouries of local politicians

Son, I had twenty years in this outfit when your idea of a good time
was sittin’ in front of the TV tube, watchin’ Bugs Bunny and gnawing
on your fudgsicle.

Son, if you’re supposed to be stupid, don’t abuse the priviledge!

The most dangerous thing in the world is the little man afraid for his job……..

The most dangerous thing in the world is the little man afraid for his job……..

There’s a bright side to all this, and a moral… I think morals are good, I like morals…. and the moral here is… if you’re walking on eggs, don’t hop

They have five million dollars invested in this aircraft. They don’t wanna see it totaled.

This ship is equipped with a forward-mounted, twenty-millimeter electric cannon. Its six barrels are capable of firing four thousand
rounds of ammunition per minute. And that, gentlemen, is one hell of
a shitstorm in anybody’s language!

We’re following his leader!

You’re supposed to be stupid.

[from a police helicopter]______
1/ What do you suppose all those people are doing down there?
2/ Well, according to the latest statistics, over one million seven hundred and seventy five thousand of them are *getting it on*
1/ Is that so?
2/ The rest are waiting for Laverne & Shirley

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