Movie Quotes from Blue Streak: Quotes from the movie Blue Streak

man what did I tell you tully don’t go for the safe go stright for the cash in and out in and out. and why are you robbing the conor store anyways your a driver you go driving skills.

so you gotta make a decision do you wanna be someones bitch or someones senrita

you don’t wanna go to jail in mexico. don’t no one wanna go to jail in mexico they shove all kinds of baritos up yo’ ass

#1 Miles! You told me you were a banker.
#2 No, bank robber.

(1)You still smell like a cop. (2)Damn it Damn it Damn it Damn it. I knew he would catch us. (3)Shut up!

(1)Your in over your head. (2) No I am over your head, cause your head is up your ass.

–How long have you been in Robbery?
–All my life.

–What the hell are you doing?
–17 million four ways? I’m too gredy for that, Eddie.

–You don’t get that training at the Academy.
–Yeah, it’s old school.

…DAMN, did you eat the hole time i waz in there..i mean when i went in you was like plikitykloplikityplow..and now us like wafwooom, and some oprah shit, its alright though its the love that counts, i can adjust to a plus sized woman, just more cushin for the pushin…JENEASE your sad ass sack of bones iz here…ohh im sory your her sorry can i buy you some cereal or something.

1) Put your hands on the pavement! 2) Uhh… 1) Put your hands on the pavement! 2) There is no pavement! 1) Then, uh, the Oodles of Noodles! Put ’em on the noodles! 2) Chicken or beef? 1) Chicken!

1) Who is this? 2) OH You dont wanna mess with him hes a stone-cold killer, i mean Stone Cold. Hoo boy hes bad I seen him.. him rip somebodys guts out, through.. through there ass, and the eyes Fell Out. DO THE MOVE THAT YOU DO, THE GUT AND EYES MOVE 3) Aight PHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA, UGGHHH 2)Thats The Guts right there, he just dropped em 3) Thats right im bad baby Ill rip your lips off, and kiss my ass with them shits 2) I seen em do it 3) I Do That, Thats how i get down baby Ill rip your tongue out.. and lick my balls with them

1)i knew you couldn’t stand to see your man like that 2)man? you ain’t my man you lied. you said you were a banker 1) bank robber. yeah sometimes i stuter.

1)Tell me about this Logan guy.
2)I can’t tell you much except that he’s gay. GAY GAY GAY!!!

1. Going a little fast ain’t we sir 2.I’m just balancing out your Shit.

1. I think your spanish is a little rusty 2. Yeah? 1. You just told that man that you have a big cat in your pants.

1. One pair of Pants, one wallet, one shirt, two shoes, and one shoe lace. 2. hold up, one shoe lace, you steal my shoe lace? 1. yeah, one shoe lace, now take your stuff and leave while you still can. 2. Tell me whats the big secret, what you gonna do with one shoe lace? Floss Yo Ass?

1. one time…at band camp, Travis said WOW, Krista is SO COOL!

1.)Hey where’s Peter Fonda at, Jimmy?
2.)Peter Fonda ain’t Around no more Johnson
1.)Why’s Peter Fonda Dead
2.)He Died last winter in a terrible storm

1.GO! go get him! 2.well we cant malone. he crossed into mexico and is out of our jurisdiction. 1.well damn the jurisdiction, go get him! 2. we cant malone. cant? YOU cant? 2.(shakes his head no) 1. WATCH ME! MOVE YA ASS!!!

1.Pizza delivery for robbery homicide. 2.Robbery Homicid..? 1. well why is it that i dont see robbery homicide with a pizza delivery in the login sheet? 2. Well i’ll tell you what, why dont you leave that pizza here with me? 1. I’ll tell you what, last time i left a pizza here, it magically dissapeared.. you know its like leavin candy around me. It’s not gonna be alright i’ma (makes chewing noise) chomp it up! See what i’m sayin? 2. Look, there’s only two kinds of guys that can get through that door, guys wearin a handcuff, and guys wearing a badge, you dont have on either now do you? 1. Well i dont have a badge or a handcuff so.

1: I think of this as kind of a marrage 2: no its more like a one night stand wam bam thank you officer

1: put your hands on the pavment 2: there is no pavment 1: well then put ’em on the oodles of noodles 2: chicken or beef chicken or beef 1: chicken 2:MILES! 1: TULLY!

1: well malone we did a check up and west coviena’s never heard of ya now we know your not FBI so who are you working for. 2: I’m a federali 1: a federali 2: yeah on my mother’s father’s side 3: yeah I guess I kinda see it 2: gracias but I couldn’t tell you guys because I coulda lost my federalihood

1: what do you think about the P-31 2: well what do you think about the P-31 1: I think its a piece of shit 2: what is it diaz well diaz what do you think we should do with the P-31 1: I think we should scrap it 2: anyone else think we should scrap the P-31 (all cops raise there hands) alright scraped and cause you want it scraped you want 31 flavors go to baskin robins 3: sir 2: what is it 3: I think we should use the P-40 alright who thinks we should use the P-40 (all cops raise their hands) alright P-40 it is and you wanna know why cause you want it

All i know sir, is that he’s gay. GAY GAY!

all right let me in on a little secret what you do with my shoelace.. floss yo’ ass with it. HA HA! got go.


back up nigga i see you!!

Carlson, I’ve got something to tell you. I’m not from West Covina.
I’m from Internal Affairs.

Carlson: Hey it’s a dead end alright! Tulley: No Shit!!

common let me in on your secret………………what u gonna do with 1 shoelace………..ha???………..Floss ur ass! haha gotta go

Damn! What happened?

DIAZ is it? DIAZ!

Do you like snacks? Sure, nothing makes me happier.

Eddie: What the hell are you doing?
Deacon: 17 million 4 ways I’m to greedy for that, Eddie

first the people who write these quotes dont even FUC*ing know them……..but i got one….Noooooooo, you cant just give it to me, i gotta take it, NOW this is gonna hurt a little bit TUlly:What Martin:i said this is gonna hurt a little bit, wwwhhhhhaaaaaaaa

Frankie:Yeah but they probably had about 3 or 4 guys working the job
Login:Zippit…Zip the shit up now im the man frankie now i am the man

Free man…Yeah.

genise your sad ass sack of bones is here…….ooooooo i forgot your her cousin…….can i buy u some cereal?

Good doggie! Good doggie!


Guard: Shirt, Pants, Shoes, One shoelace…….. Miles: One shoe lace? I came in here with two! You took my shoelace man? Guard: You got two seconds to walk out that door, sign out, and leave my pen. Miles: O I’ma sign out, Got places to go, people to see.. muh ladeh, Janese.. ayass, KowPow!!!! Miles: Man what chu gonna do with one shoe lace? Lemm’e in on this here, Floss ya ass?

he took my shoe lace.. then he said i was ugly and couldn’t read good

hey man this is the tougheest safe in the world the m32 vault, whats the first thing u do eddie? drill the lock? nahh man u check 2 see if its open…………….its open man! what? nahhhh man im messin wid u im messin wif u man, they would neva do that

Hey you told me i was only gonna spend one night in jail!! It’s only been one night. Where’s meh fifty grand? Fifty? i told you twenty. Well maybe it’s fifty too because i need some wAHHHHHHH!!!!!

How many times did you take the driving test? Wake me up when we get there.

I am an officer of the law!

I did it for my country. The red, the white(looks back at the mexican flag), and the green.

i did it for the red the white {looks back} ad the green

I don’t wanna leave it with Shamoo over there.

i get giddy when i touch your shoulder.

I gotta pizza delivery for robbery homicide

I love this jurisdiction shit.

I rip ur lips off n kiss my ass wit dem shits, yeaH thas how i get down BABy!I rip ur tougne out n like my balls wit it!

I thought you said you were a banker no bank robber see i have a studdering problem but i will have that whole thing cleared up i promise.

I was working late.

I’m a Fedaralli

I’m a federale.

I’m a rehabilated man.

I’m free…I’m free at last.

ill give you no im good for it.i dont no…..ima say bout 50.50!now come one man you pushin it tully.ill give you 20 grand .now tully thats the best i can do…best i can do.mmmmmmmmmm….alright but im keepin mah gun cannot let me arrest you and keep your gun man!

ill rip ur lips off and kiss my ass with them shits then ill rip ur toung off and lick my balls with them shits!

Ill rip your lips off and kiss my ass with them shits… Ill rip your tongue out and lick my balls with it…

ill snatch ur toungue out and lick my balls wit em {i seen em do it} ill ip ur lips off and kiss my ass wit dem shits

Im bad, I’ll rip your lips off, and kiss my ass with them shits!

Le Fleur: Want to prove you are not a cop? Shoot him.
Miles Logan: No problem.

Man i just got this man this is hard ta find

Man, how many times did it take you to get your Driver’s License? I mean wake me up when we get there. *Snore*

Miles Logan: Ah am an officer of the loohr!

Miles Logan: Can’t believe so much bad shit can happen on such a beautiful day.

Miles Logan: Carlson. I’ve got something to tell you. I’m not from West Covina. I’m from Internal Affairs

Miles Logan: Don’t you ever get all up on this thing?
Carlson: I don’t think I’ve ever gotten all up on anything, sir.

Miles Logan: Hey, this is the police! Move your busted-ass vehicle! Move, move, move, move! This is the LAPD. We’ll pop one in your ass. We got guns and shit.

Miles Logan: No, I’m over your head, because your head’s up your ass.

Miles Logan: Put your hands on the Oodles of Noodles!
Tulley: Chicken or beef?!
Miles Logan: Chicken.

Miles looks at street signs, then the sign on the building]
Miles Logan: 5th and Grand? To protect and to—-?
[throws a fit]

miles- what happend to u, when i left u were like plickity plow plickity plick. now your like WHABOOM! AND SOME OPRAH SHIT.
???- Janese your sad ass sack of bones is here!
miles- OH i apoigize u her cousin. can i buy u some cereal?
(janese arrives)
miles-you look beautiful. u are beautiful and thasts not just 2 years of prison talking.
janese- aww miles it must have been hard for u in there all alone in ur tiny cot. tell me miles, did u think about me?
miles- think about u all the time. think about u right now.
miles- JANESE I NEVER ROBBRED YOU! im a rehabilitated man! JANESE!
janese-Miles i didnt come see you for 2 years. wasnt that a sign?
miles- well i knew u couldnt stand to see ur man like thst.
janese- MAN U NOT MY MAN! U LIED. u told me u were a banker!
miles- no bankrobber. yea see sometimes i studder but im gettin that whole speach impedimet thing…
janese- miles ur avery smart man, but the entire time we spent together was one big lie
miles- oh i can change
janese- OH NO U CANT! (slams window)
milese- oh dont do me like dat!

Miles: Damn franky, do you always have to do that? Franky: It’s good luck. Miles: It’s bad luck if i land in it, Beleeee Dat.

Move ya’ busted ass vehicle. this is the LAPD. We got guns and shit. We’ll pop one in ya’ ass. Now MOVE, MOVE, MOVE.

No, lemme tell you what. Last time I left a pizza here it just MAGICALLY disapeard, its like leavin candy around me, its not gunna be aiight

Pizzi delivery for Robbery-Homicide.

Put your hands on the pavenment.
There is no pavement.
Then put your hands on the oodles and noodles.
Chicken or beef?



Some times you gotta feed a little speed to your ride Detective.

That guy Logan owes me $50,000…If I don’t get it soon, I’m talkin’!

that’ sright, im a stone cold killer. ill rip your lips off and kiss
my ass with them bitches. oh yeah, ill rip your tounge out and lick
my balls with it!!

Third floor. Robbery-Homicide.

Tulley: I’ll rip your lips off, and kiss my ass with them shits. I’ll rip your tongue out, and lick my balls with it.

Tulley: That guy Logan owes me $50,000……If I don’t get it soon, I’M TALKIN’!

Un grande gato in mis pantalones…Did you jsut say you had a large cat in your pants?…It’s a man thing, you wouldn’t understand.

WeeWaw! Weewaw! This is the po-lice! Move your busted ass vehicle outta the road coz we got guns ‘n’ shit back here!

what chu gonna do w/ one shoelasce?? floss your ass???

What do you think about the P31? i think its a peice of shit. What do you think we should do with it? Scrap it. Its scrapped you know why because you wanted it. its outta there.

when i first met you, you were all plickity plick and now your all WHABOOM!

Who’s this?? Oh you dont want to mess with this dude he is the Stone Cold Killer! One time i saw this guy rip someone’s guts out threw the ass and the eyes poped out! do that move u do the gut and eye move. Aright keeyahhhhh ka thats when it went splat he just droped it. NO! I’m bad baby i’ll rip your lips off and kiss my ass with them shits! I’ve seen him do it! Hh huh thats how i get down! I’ll rip your tounge off and lick my balls! SHUT UP!!!

You don’t get that kinda training at the acadamy


You might want to buckle up.

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