Movie Quotes from Blue Max, The: Quotes from the movie Blue Max, The

–Well, I suppose I might as well say it.
–Say what?
–You’re beautiful.

I’m afraid it’s rather a small medal, Willi, but it’s the highest Germany can give.

If every pilot were to go carrering around France looking for unconfirmed victories, there’d be no air force left. Unconfirmed by army means unconfirmed. Understand?

It’s a cruel world Herr Hoffmann, you said it yourself…

It’s a cruel world Herr Hoffmann, you said SO yourself…

Klugermann: It’s an order.
Stachel: Why?
Klugermann: Because our commanding officer made it one. He believes in chivalry, Stachel.
Stachel: Chivalry? To kill a man, then make a ritual out of saluting him. It’s hipocracy. When they kill me, I don’t want anyone to salute.
Klugermann: They probably won’t.

Perhaps it’s force of habit. In the trenches, we couldn’t even bury the dead. There were too many of them. I’ve never had the time…to discuss them over a glass of champagne.

We fight to win, Otto.

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