Movie Quotes from Black Rain: Quotes from the movie Black Rain

-They stole?
-They liberated funds.
-Theft is theft. There is no gray area.
-Hey, Matsu, New York is one big gray area.

1/_He might as well be an American, his kind respects just one thing…. *money*
2/_And what do you respect….*love*?

1/_Sometimes ya gotta forget ya head and grab ya balls

1/_You must have patience
2/_Fuck patience!

1/_You see, there’s a war going on here and they don’t take prisoners
2/_What are you talking about?
1/_Between Sato and an old time boss called Suigi
2/_Who else knows about this?
1/_Counting you and me?
1/_11 Million

A love/hate relationship can last a very long time

Don’t quit your day job!

Hey, we’ll take some of the heat for this but we won’t take the wrap!!!

I am bound by duty and honor.If you had time I would explain what that means.

I usually get kissed before I get fucked…….

I usually get kissed before I get fucked…….

I was 10 when the B29 came, our family lived underground for 3 days, when we came up the city was gone, then the heat brought rain… black rain,… you made the rain black, you shoved your values down our throats, we forgot who we were… you created Sato and thousands like him. I’m paying you back

I’ll be holding on.

I’ve been living in this country [Japan] for eleven years and I still can’t read the headlines, ya’know?…. yes means no, maybe means never….

If you pull it, you better use it.

If your gonna pull it…then us it.

Just hope they got a Nip in this building who speaks fucking English.

Living on the edge of the night.

One handjob deserves another

Sometimes you just got to go for it.

the heat bought rain

Until you sign-off on this dickhead, his ass is mine!

We can’t lose.

What’re you busting my ass for?

Why did you let charlie die nick?

You people made the rain black.

You, pal, oughta talk to your partners before you talk to the *suits*… so fuck you very much!

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