Movie Quotes from Big Wednesday: Quotes from the movie Big Wednesday

…and I swear I never, and I don’t know who could’ve if didn’t, I never pissed in your steam iron.

…your living under the booted foot of the lifeguard state. They’re already taking over the point.

Are you pickin’ on me??!!!

Back home, being young is just something you do until you become an adult. Around here, it’s different. here, it’s everything.

Don’t take the lighter, the general gave it to me.

everyone knows that is just your Oaklahoma attitude. I think I’m gonna throw my food on you.

Get off the beach Matt, get off the beach.

Hey you guys,split

If I had a gun, I’d shoot you in the face to see what it looked like.

If you leave me here, I’m gonna drown. I’m gonna drown. And all you’ll find is this shitty old board.

It’s really different here. Back home, being young was just something you’d do until you grew up. Here…it’s everything.

johnson! i got you a vehicle

Johnson, I got you a vehicle

More beer

O, I’m going to drown if you leave me I’m going to drown. I’m going to drown and all your going to find is this shitty old board.

Scored a kegger for your party. I don’t know about any party Waxer.

stay casual barlow


That is Matt Johnson.

That’s when you need a friend, when you’re wrong; when you’re right, you don’t need nothing.

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