Movie Quotes from Big Money Hustlas: Quotes from the movie Big Money Hustlas

(In lower tone) Whose money Big Baby? (In regulair tone) My money Mutha Faku!

C’mon baby, give me a heart-attack. I want one real bad.

fuck what you heard and lay it to rest, big sugar’s here now in living flesh. you’ve been needin my help and needin it nifty cuz shit on your force is a little bit shifty. you see you got a couple of pigs that dont fly straight so they send big sugar in to regulate.

get cox in here …(ok chief you want it in your ass or in your mouth?)… i said get cox in here you silly bitch … officer harry cox

give me a heart attack … i want one bad

Hypmatize that mothafucker

i always do a good job for you and your dirty, stinky, crusty callamary ring

I got the baby oil…the baby oil! (Lil Poot)

I know goddamn well i aint dead

I’m in an apesuit. That means i don’t give a fuck!!

Magic Magic Ninja WHut?!?!?!

magic magic ninjas what
magic magic ninjas what

Pretty good Bear. But I want you to listen and watch. I’m gonna show you how to whip a mother-fucker’s ass. First, you got to hypmotized that mother-fucker! Yous a snake on that son-of-a-bitch!! Do like me! Dolemite! Dolemite’s my game, and fucking up mother-fuckers is my game!

Sho you right, COME CORRECT SHUN! (Lil Poot)

Sounds like your problems ain’t the streets. Souns like is that mutha-fucka Big Baby Sweets

The names Sugar Bear and im sweet and fuzzy like a pear

Used to call me fatso now you call me asshole! (Big Stank)

we must summon the magic ninjas

wheres that rowdy gorilla motha fucka with my mutha fuckin money motha fuckas

Yeah, look at that ass, shake that ass, yeah yeah

You are the cities most deadliest…muthaFACKOS! (Big Baby Sweets)

You… Honk for Sugar you little fucker

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Big Money Hustlas’: Quotes from the movie ‘Big Money Hustlas’

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