Movie Quotes from Big Heat, The: Quotes from the movie Big Heat, The

–Hey, that’s nice perfume.
–Something new. It attracts mosquitoes and repels men.

–I’ll have your badge and gun. Now!
–You can have it. Permanently.

–They come and go like flies.
–Only this fly got herself strangled.

Go ahead…Shoot!

Hey, I like this. Early nothing.

I want to find out facts.

I’m sorry I have to ask you these questions, but they want a full report downtown.

It’s good steak.

Shut the door!

Suicide. No question.

The main thing is to have the money. I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. Believe me, rich is better.

They’re floaters. Not much more than a suitcase full of nothing between them and the gutter.

We’re sisters under the mink.

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