Movie Quotes from Big Easy, The: Quotes from the movie Big Easy, The

–I can’t believe you were so obsequious with that man.
–What does ‘obsequious’ mean?

Down here we call them wise guys.

If I can’t have you, can I at least have my gator?

Just relax darlin’. This is the Big Easy. Folks have a certain way o’ doin’ things down here.

New Orleans is a marvelous environment for coincidence.

Oh, the driver’s license is missing!

Somebody is sending a message.

The Honorable Jim Garrison presiding.

The police are the suspects.

they done started killing retards, oh yea! then why ain’t you dead?

We take care of our own. Remember that.

You’re a copy, for God’s sake. You’re supposed to uphold the law.

You’re not one of the good guys anymore.

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