Movie Quotes from Best Years of Our Lives, The: Quotes from the movie Best Years of Our Lives, The

I just got tired of the old hands and cut them off, These hooks work by the use of Radar.

All I want is for people to treat me like anybody else instead of pitying me.

Dad, did you notice the affects of radiation when you were at Hiroshima. No, should I have ?

I haven’t called you a heel…yet.

I know one thing. I know I can learn just like I learned that job up there.

I look terrible.

I used to work in one of those.

Last year it was kill Japs and this year it’s make money.

Listen chum, I’ll be glad to hear of your war experiences but now I need a job. Oh one of the fallen angels of the air corps huh.

Want some chicken?

You’re home now, kid!

your mom is just glad to see you!

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