Movie Quotes from Best of Times, The: Quotes from the movie Best of Times, The

1. Jack,Jack,Jack, who could you possibly represent? JACK: Taft the entire goddamn town!!!

1. She’s going to leave me as soon as I fix her VW. 2.Are you going to fix it? 1. Hell no, I love her!!

1: My bazooka’s dead! 2: augh, don’t tell me that!!

A. She’s gonna leave me as soon as I fix her V.W
B. Are you gonna fix it?
A. Hell no! I love her.

Is that the sound of fear I here in your voice colonel?

Jack, Jack, Jack, I don’t have time for this personal descent into maddness! I’m a busy maaannn. I’ve got to run the bank, and the bakersfield booster club, hell you probably heard, I’m president of the potato bowl this year. (reply) Is that fear I hear in your voice colonel?

Jack…Acquarius. Gotta, gotta, gotta satisfy.

Jack: Women and the game!
Reno: Turn it off Jack.
Jack: You got it.

just throw me the god damn ball reno

Let’s play some football.

Pretty damn fast for a caucasian

Want some more medicine, doctor death

We still had a chance to beat Bakersfield.

when reno hightower was a prick he was the best damn quarterback in the history of kern county

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