Movie Quotes from Before and After: Quotes from the movie Before and After

1: … But we’re all marked forever now. BEFORE … and AFTER.

1: … shut up… 2: If I was with Matt or Chris, I’d be HOME by now. 1: Shut up… 2: … Rich kid. Fuckin’ PUSSY. 1: I SAID SHUT UP!!!

1: But it turns out, I’M not the one she’s mad at. Not really. She’s mad at everyone, and everything. And God especially for letting this happen to her, because it turns out- 2: I’m PREGNANT.

1: He’s running again. And this time he’ll never stop. 2: No, he didn’t bring any clothes or food. I’m almost sure of it. 3: Maybe he doesn’t think he’ll need them. Maybe he’s going to drive straight into a TREE!

1: I came back here to tell them the truth, everything I told you. But it turns out that it’s not that easy, even if you really want to. My statement isn’t legal unless it’s signed by my parents.

1: I had to act strong because that’s what you needed from me, all of you. But I can’t do this. I would never put my hand to anything that would take you away from me. 2: NOTHING will ever take me away from you.

1: I’m sorry, this totally slipped my mind. I’m a little slow sometimes. What were you two arguing about? 2: Well, she was pregnant for one thing. 1: … I think you better sit down again, kiddo.

1: I’m talking about saving your son’s life here. 2: So am I.

1: It’s pretty technical. 2: Jacob wasn’t the father. 1: EXACTLY.

1: It’s pretty technical. 2: Jacob wasn’t the father. 1: EXACTLY. Tell a DOCTOR something’s TECHNICAL…

1: You all think I’m just a stupid little kid. Nobody thinks that I can go and tell! 2: Tell what? 1: YOU figure it out!

1: You’d better hope he doesn’t have his

1: You’d better hope he doesn’t have his son’s temper. 2: He doesn’t. His son has his.

1:Is this a late lunch, or early dinner? 2:BREAKFAST, I think.

Ben Ryan: Is this a late lunch, Mr. Demeris, or an early dinner? Lawyer: This is BREAKFAST, I think.

Don’t you patronise me sir, because I–


I raised my fist to him. I would’ve hit him.

If I hold it in, it’s like poison. But if I tell the truth, Dad’ll go to jail, too. And he’ll HATE me.

If you could look at us as human, as a family I mean, that’s also so helpless.

Jude, wait. Don’t go… Every week I’d take a train out to the ariport. And I’d find someone that was going to one of the places I wanted to go. I told them ‘I just came back and I forgot to send this. I don’t want my family to think I don’t miss them’. I’d sit one of the chairs in the waiting area, and I’d close my eyes like this… and I went there with them. I went to ALL those places, Judy.

Lawyer: You’d better hope he doesn’t have his son’s TEMPER.
Mom: He doesn’t. His son has HIS.

Remember the story of Abraham and Isaac? God told Abraham to prove his faith. He said’Take Isaac, your beloved son, and sacrifice him. Why? Because I’m God.’ Abraham took Isaac, though he was sad, and cut his throat. But everyone always misses the point of that story. WHO’D WANT HIM FOR A FATHER?

That’s just a bunch of sentimental bullshit!

{shouting:} GODDAMNIT, STOP IT YOU GUYS!!!! {quietly:} Both of you…

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