Movie Quotes from Bed of Roses: Quotes from the movie Bed of Roses

1) I don’t have room in my life for somebody this great. I work for a living. 2) He’s the romantic equivalent of a night-light

1: This is the part where you’re suppoused to say, Wait Don’t Leave.

Do I look like a total gumby-head?

Every now and then everybody is entitled to too much perfection.

I like to take these long walks, mostly at night and look up at all the darkened windows. I just wonder what peoples lives are like and what they’re dreaming about. And one night I was out pretty late, and as usual, all of the windows were dark, except one and I stepped and looked up, and I saw you, standing there, and you were crying. I thought what was it that made you so sad. I like to see peoples faces, when they are just falling in love, or making up from a fight, or even if they are just grieving. There’s something beautiful about a persons face at that moment, and yours was incredible…confused..shocked.

I live on a little planet called reality, where things like that don’t happen.

I thought if a little water was good, a lot was better.

if you hurt her i’ll kill you ok.

Marry him. Marry him now.

Oh, there’s nothing worse than a finicky agapanthis.

One question. Why me? – I guess I finally looked up, and your light was on.

Prince Charming probably would have turned out to be a dick anyways.

Thank you for a day of too much perfection.

There’s nothing boring about a classic.

this is the part where you are supposed to say, wait don’t go.

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