Movie Quotes from Bat*21: Quotes from the movie Bat*21

1/ I really appreciate you volunteering with us for this flight, Ham… I thought you had your sights set on being a *full bird*
2/ I got my sights set on a condo at the 7th fairway at Tuscon National… 6 months from now, that’s where the old lady and me’ll be
1/ Well, that sounds awfully exciting
2/ You think that’s exciting, you should see the deck furniture

1/ When he get’s back here, Sergeant, I’m throwing his ass in the stockade!!!
2/ We don’t have a stockade, sir
1/ I’ll build one!!!

[golf game over the opening credits]________

1/ What do you think I’m doing wrong here, Ham?
2/ I think you’re standing too close to the ball…. after you hit it

All I want to do is bring the whole man back.

Bird Dog, I killed a man today…He wasn’t even a soldier. He just kept coming. I couldn’t stop him. I didn’t want to do it. I never had to do anything like that before in my life.

Let’s get the basic relationship down…I’m the lifeguard, you’re the drowning man. If you relax I can bring you to shore. If you fight me, then I’ll have to slap you around.

People keep dying all around me… I’m through killing!

Waste the area! But remember, we still have a *friendly* in the vicinity, try not to ruin his day with a stray frag

You’re trying to get a D.F.F.C., Clarky…. A Distinguished Fucking Flying Cross!!!

[Tagline] Trapped behind enemy lines… A whole army after him… Only one man can save him

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