Movie Quotes from Basquiat: Quotes from the movie Basquiat

-I’m going to blow my fuckin brains out, no I’m going to take these pills.
-Hold on, talk to me…. what kinds of pills
-reds, greens, blue, whole fucking rainbow

Lady on TV: And it was like. . .Boom, for real. 1: What did she just say? 2 rewinds. TV: Boom, for real. 1: Boom, for real.

I can’t even tell what’s good anymore. Okay I see what you mean about the white.

I dare you to break my heart
-No way too fast

Interviewer: What’s the difference between. . . Answer: Between a flea, a parasite, and a leech? Hardly any. (smiles)

Interviewer: Why are people so crudely drawn? Answer: Most people. . . tend to be pretty crude. I really don’t know that many refined people.

Jean: Oh, piss painting!
Andy: Not piss painting, Jean, oxidation art. . .I’m going to do some more of these. Frank’s been drinking this Mexiacn beer that makes it go a great green.

MAn tritt nicht einfach die Sprossen auf der Leiter des Erfolgs heraus!

When I was little, my brother and I had two pet ducks. We named them the Garcia Brothers.

When you first see a new painting, you don’t want to miss the boat!! You have to be very careful, you might be staring at VanGogh’s ear.

You make me feel so worthless.You’re so famous now.

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