Movie Quotes from Band of Angels: Quotes from the movie Band of Angels

But nothing worthwhile is easily bought.

Freedom’s a white word.

I guess down in my heart I’ll always be what I was. Just a damn Yankee skipper.

Monsieur seems to be using a lot of words to discuss nothing.

Never mind what my name was.

No flogging.

So you joined that band of angels?

Sold for $5,000 to Mr. Hamish Bond.

Starrwood Plantation Kentucky in the Year 1853.

The cry for freedom is in the air like a rising wind.

Well, I volunteered to speak in the presidential campaign of Mr. Lincoln.

Well, you still believe in the equality of all peoples, regardless of color.

Well, you’re no better than a hooker. You’re no better than those slat-busters following General Hooker’s army.

You know, I know better than most that money is no cure-all.

You talk about freedom, you think I’ve got freedom? I got a past I’d like to forget but I can’t run away from it…no more than you can run away from what you are.

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