Movie Quotes from At Close Range: Quotes from the movie At Close Range

–How old are you anyway?
–Old enough.

-Whatchya doin?

-Truck’s fucked up.

I just bought this car. She’s a real cherry. Give me $4500 for it?

I thought you wanted something…money in your pocket…girl in your arms. How you gonna pay? Apartment. Food. Clothes?

Is that my beer you’re drinking? It’s Colt 45,you can’t afford it.You know that shit you guys are smoking is gonna rot your brains out,but I guess in your case it won’t matter!

Is this the gun you used on everybody? On me? Is this the family gun, Dad?

It started with a touch.

Live to tell.

Looking good, Julie Whitewood! …tired old bag a’shit…

Miss you.

Now listen here, kid: ‘ccording to some folks, I’m just the devil in blue suede shoes. Don’t you believe it, hear?

They tell you they want you to talk nice, act nice, but all they got is a god-damned cunt.

You guys have a very interesting family. remember the time we STOLE those guns from the revolutionary war museum, ‘Course Dickie conked out that janitor, making it grand larceny.

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