Movie Quotes from Assault on Precinct 13: Quotes from the movie Assault on Precinct 13

(Napoleon)I don’t sit as well as I used to.

–Don’t miss, Bishop.
–Run fast, Sergeant

–Your eyes are red. You been smokin’ crack?
–Your eyes are glazed. You been eatin’ donuts?

1/ What have you got?
2/ 2 shots… do I save them for you and me?
3/ No way… you save them for the next 2 assholes that come down that hall

1/ You’re a cop…. you’re either curious or you wanna gimme some shit
2/ I don’t understand something about you, Wilson….
1/ Curious…

1/ Coffee??___ 2/ yes please____ 1/ Black?? 2/ For over 30 years…. sorry

1/ It would be a privilege if you’d walk outside with me…. 2/ I KNOW it would______ 1/ You’re pretty fancy, Wilson_____ 2/ I have moments….

Chains is all I’ve got to look forward to.

G:i want a vanilla twirl!

Gotta smoke ?

I believe in one man.

I can’t let a murderer walk out of here.

I go through all that and his gun isn’t even loaded.

I wanted vanilla twist.

I was born out of time.

I’m looking at this as a matter of simple mathematics.

Look at that…… 2 cops wishing *ME* luck….. I’m dooooomed

Officer Balls, and Officer Cock

Po poppin po?!

Put your goddamn gun down!

So, are shit is on pause?

The Greeks called it Eros and Thanatos – love and death.

The more men we have, the better chance we stand.

They’re here for all of us.

This is a goddamn siege!

We all gotta start trusting each other right now if we’re gonna make it through the night.

We gonna have a red-raw revolution on our hands, man.

We let him live once. He almost got us killed. We let him live twice, we deserve to die.

What’s the plan, Officer?

Why would anybody want to shoot at a police station?

You can’t argue with a confident man……..

You’ll never take me alive, G-man!

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