Movie Quotes from Animal, The: Quotes from the movie Animal, The

(seen on a sign) PISS STAINS MAMA’S BOY

1) Haven’t you noticed unusual activity? 2)It’s from the badger milk. I bought it from the TV.

1) hey mange maybe this year you wont piss in your pants and cry for you mother 2)dont worry no one else remember that. 3)yu-who (man in crowd has sign that says piss stains mammas boy)

1) You! Back of the mob! 2) Back of the mob? But this is my spot! I came early! 1) All right. OUT of the mob! 2) Ah, this mob blows.

1)And I want to especially thank the mentally handicapped child who sent me this sweet book of poems. 2)She read my poems!

1)Marvin, I’ve only been here 6 days! That Puerto Rican’s been here for 4 YEARS!!! You know why they made me supervise? 2)Because you’re black? 1)No! Cuz that bitch is DUMB!

Cop: Alright if there are no more questions we will be on our way.Guy: hey hey I have a question, when can we light our torches? Cop: When it gets dark. Guy: OK. Cop:Alright now if there are no mo_ guy : Hey hey I have another question What if somebody already lit their torch couldnt they just keep it lit. cop: yes. guy: hey hey shouildnt there be a meeting place if you get separated from the mob. cop: Stay with the mob. guy: stay with the mob right ok another question. cop: alright back of the mob!! guy: WHAT!!! this is my spot i came early. Cop: ALRIGHT!! OUT OF THE MOB!! GUY: Awww this mob blows

Hey baby you thinking what I’m thinking?

I was not expecting that, were you?

I wish I was black. I’d have my onion rings by now.

I’m an animal Frankenstein!!

Now that’s some good badger milk.

Oh, let’s let the black beast go free just cause hes black! We can’t kill the black beast, that would be racist! What is the matter with you people?!

Oh, no! I’m sorry! I’m wasting trees! They should have one of those, uh…blow job things! I mean hand jobbies! I mean hand blowers! I wrote you a poem.

So that’s why you have 6 nipples!

Take a good look at that ass. You’ll be following it all day.

This mob blows!

What are you going to do? Arrest us?? you’re not a real cop!!

Yesterday, I made love to a mailbox.

You can do eet! Cut his freaking balls off!

you put animal parts in me?

You’re just a regular bad-ass, aren’t you Mange?

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