Movie Quotes from Anchors Aweigh: Quotes from the movie Anchors Aweigh

1. *on the phone, trying to sound like he’s talking to his girl.* Hello? Hello you beautiful creature you. 2. At the tone the time will be 3 and one quarter, buy war bonds. 1. Thank you, I’ll do that.

1. You’ll understand when you’re older. 2. Everyone keeps saying that to me. 3. Yeah, they used to say that to me too. 2. Well? Did you understand when you got older? 2. Nope.

1: Are you following me? 2:*nods* 1: Why? 2: Well, Joe, you’re the biggest wolf in the whole Navy! And the way you talk about Lola..I thought- 1: LOLA?! Have you gone crazy?

After 8 months at sea, all I wanna do is just look at you for a long, long time.

Dames have been known to wander.

Even in Brooklyn things can go wrong.

I begged her.

I don’t want to meet your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.

I fall in love too easily.

I said I’m going to join the navy.

I’ve been in the navy a year and a half now. Every time we hit port and get liberty, all I do is go to the library.

If you knew Susie like we knew Susie.

If you knew Susie…

Is this the face that launched a thousand ships?

Look at me, I’m dancing.

Most girls are so easy to figure out.

NO!! I don’t wanna join the police! I wanna join the Navy!

Oh, that’s great! That’s just swell! He’s gotta date with a girl. What does he think I’ve gotta date with a duck?

She begged me. True. She pleaded.

They don’t get to go to Hollywood – where the beautiful dames grow like oranges.

We hate to leave.

Whatever the others have, Lola has more of it.

When they give you leave, you gotta leave.

You’re a seawolf…Clarence told me you were.

You’re makin’ me nervous!… Squat somewheres!

You’re no yokel. You’re from Brooklyn.

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