Movie Quotes from Analyze That: Quotes from the movie Analyze That

(ben)what have we done?(paul) can u shut up must u always be a fucking kill joy

(ben)what was that? (pual)i told her if i wasent up in 2minuts to start without me

(paul)- I see what your doin you (Ben)What am i doin?!? (paul)- your pissin me off thats what your doin

–Get in the car.
–Are we going to the prom?

–Hey! Excuse me! This is a closed set. We’re about to start shooting.
–Yeah, so am I.

–I’m shooting him with Thorizen…300 milligrams. BID. Seems to keep him pretty calm.
–That would keep the Middle East pretty calm.

-Come on, there’s gotta be something that you like to do?
-Yeah, well I like hitting guys over the head with a baseball bat.
That’s always good.

-What’s it with your family? They tend to over-react a little.
-I know. I know. All you did was flash everybody in the dining room.

1.Did I do that? 2. no, that ones mine, you did the 67 chevy and the side by side refigerator combo.

Who do you have to fuck to get some bacon around here?

Actor describing self: Australian-Italian. There’s a lot of (i)paisans(/i)down under. Paul: Down under what?

Ben:Paul, I have an eighteen year old son down the hall. Paul:I don’t know…I could ask her.

Customer: It’s a Lexus. Paul the salesman: Yeah, Toyota, Lexus, same thing, eh. Japenese, right? Let’s not forget Pearl Harbor.

Don’t be a stranger, Paul.

Ginko Biloba. Helps with my memory, and something else. I forgot what.

I feel pretty! Oh, so pretty!

I’m gonna take a long bath. And hopefully drown.

I’m grieving…It’s a process.

It’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s just that, I don’t trust you!

jelly points at ak can you handel that? the shrink(billy cyrstal) you mean shoot it
jelly no i mean tirl it like a fucking baton

Look at the size of that trunk, you could put three bodies in there

Look at the size of that trunk. You could put three bodies in there.

Mommy’s mad at me cause I made a boom on the rug

No, you don’t understand. I told my son we couldn’t have a dog and I’m gonna bring home Paul Vitti!

Paul Viti (Robert Di Nero) – What the fuck is your problem? I call you and tell you someone’s tryin to kill me and you hang up on me?
Ben Sobel (Billy Crystal) – I knew you were faking!
Paul Vitti – I was singing West Side Story for 3 fucking days! I’m half fag!

Paul: i couldnt get it up last night
Ben: what, sexually?
Paul: no, for the big game against michigan state, ofcourse sexually!

That mobster in my house, eating off my dishes! Eww!

This is garbage. Change the channel.

When I was a resident, we used to play with the catatonics.

Yea What!

yeah thats what i was jerking off to for the past year…tuna cassarole

Yeah, sure. Everybody gets to go to Ohio except me.

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