Movie Quotes from American Ninja: Quotes from the movie American Ninja

1) Are you okay? 2) My clothes are just a little bit wet, thank you. 3) Oh, we’ll hang em’ up to dry 4) Are you serious…

1) Can you do it? Can you kill him 2) I’m sure I must! 3) Then do it.

1) Charlie, stop the car! 2) What is it? More hijackers? I got to get you home in once peace!

1) Charlie, we need to talk about your future. 2) MY future? 3) Yeah, you see you have to get back to the base, do extra duties and be ready to cover up for Joe. 4) What’s that got to do with my future? 5) Because if you don’t do what I tell you, you ain’t gonna have a future. 6) Ah!

1) Jackson, I’m gonna need your bike 2) Oh, but that’s my baby, that’s my blood!

1) Where did you learn those moves? And don’t tell me from the streets, I AM from the streets. 2) I don’t know where I learned them. I just know em’.

1) Who are you? 2) You will know when the time is right

1) Who is he? 2) I don’t know. He’s a new recruit I don’t even know his name


An American Ninja? What are you talking about, there’s no such a thing.

Excuse me! Throw me the ball… and then you can go back to sleep, ok!

Four bodies to impress a girl, was a heavy price wasn’t it? WASN’T IT!?

He never says a word…

Hey Hero, did you make out with the princess? Did she put out a little to thank you for saving her life?

I called you ‘Joe’, it was the only American name I knew.

I can’t run as fast as you! Don’t you touch my shoes. I hope you’re going to Italy to get me another pair cause’ these are my brand new shoes, what do you….I can’t believe you just did that!

I’m taking this bitch uptown!

It’s true sir, the seargent is working with Ortega.

Jackson, that’s the guy! That’s the bastard I was telling you about!

Joe, read my lips we can make some easy money

No-no, no way, I’m not going in there. I don’t care who’s chasing us there’s leeches and other things in there, I’m not going in there- AAAAAAHHHH!!!

Oh don’t worry about it Joe, you can order anything it’ll go right to dad’s account.

She’ll be on the balcony man, with a white dress you cannot miss her.

There wouldn’t have been any problems this time sir, if that new guy didn’t start acting like John Wayne.

You possess great skills.

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