Movie Quotes from American Movie: The Making of Northwestern: Quotes from the movie American Movie: The Making of Northwestern

-I can see great cinemaness.
-Yea? That’s good. That’s something good anyhow. But I don’t know what it is.

-What do you got to say for yourself?
-Happy Thanksgiving.
-What d’ya got in that bag?
-Soda? Well it’s a good thing we got all ends cown coon … uhh, taken care of.

-What do you think? What do you fuckin really think?
-What do I think about what?
[stares for awhile, then munches on a chicken leg]

-Woah that’s a wicked-ass toenail man. Dude! That’s a quarter-inch thick!
-I know.
-They could use that in a science class.
-Science class?
-Use it as a science photo.
-Science photo?

-Would ya like to get that house of schnapps?
-Yes. Do that.
-What would you like man?
-Well I would like to have a peppermint sch-napps. With sprice and ice.. and two great globs of it.
[takes a sip]
-Got a good taste.

Here is what it think of lottery… It’s like, when you play the lottery, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose… But it’s better than using drugs or alcohol – Because when you use drugs and alcohol, especially drugs, you always lose.

I need you to be more menancing. Can you be more menancing?

I’ll visit your grave every day. Well not every day but I will visit it sometimes- if I ever find it.

It’s alright, it’s okay, there’s something to live for… Jesus told me so!

One day I was partyin in my basement and I always used to get, like, pissed off inside cuz I would wanna party really heavy and no one else would, ya know? And then all a sudden Mark came over and, uh, either I had a bottle a vodka or he had a bottle a vodka, but anyway we were drinkin vodka and I’se, I was so happy that I found someone who would drink vodka with me, you know? So, um and then, Mark would drink vodka with me all the time. We’d – we’d uh, you know, I’d go over there all the time and we’d buy a fifth of vodka and we’d share it, you know, and uh, that really made me happy.

say goodbye. Hope you’re in heaven where you belong. I was wondering- do they smoke cigarettes in heaven? I don’t think so. I don’t think so.

You’re going to be in a drive-in, a beautiful drive-in with an umbrella of grey over you. You’re going to be in a junk yard with thousands of rusted membories just laying there.

Your AT&T Universal Card has arrived?! Oh God! Kick-fucking-ass, I got a Master Card!

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