Movie Quotes from All the Pretty Horses: Quotes from the movie All the Pretty Horses

1) Can you shoot it? 2) Yeah I can shoot it. 1) Can you hit anything? 2) Anything you want. (1 takes out wallet and throws it in the air. 2 shoots it down.) 3) Hot damn. Let me see it. (1 puts his wallet away) 3) Let me see it. 1) You know what it looks like it’s my wallet.

1) You’re a regular ‘ol outlaw ain’t ya. I bet you got a gun an everything. 2)I got a gun. 3) What kind of a gun? 2) 32-20 colt. 1)Bullshit!That’s a shotgun cartridge. Let’s see it…Where’d you git a gun like this? 2)At the gittin place. 1)You ever shot it? 2)Yeah, I shot it.1)What can you shoot? 2)Anything you want.

i was ridin when i fell off

I’m gonna love you til the day I die

just like the old time waddies

Lacey once asked me if I thought God looks out for people. I say he just about got to. I don’t believe we’d make it a day otherwise.

Not everybody thinks living on a cattle ranch in West Texas is the second best thing to dying and going to heaven.

Some passions can never be tamed.

The truth is what happened. It ain’t what came out of somebody’s mouth.

Waitin’ on you

What is this, cactus juice or sumthin’?

you ar ethe greatest lover I have ever known

You’re going to die in there!

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